What's up with the posts by those guys who seem so angry and want to blame women for everything?

why if I'm a female with an opinion am I being called a fem nazi? Or the repeated questions I see asking why I can't get a gf because all girls are evil.


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  • Omg yes! Glad someone brought it up
    What is with these bitter people? why so narrow minded guys/girls?


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  • Dam women with their boobs and vaginas !
    Screw them with their beautiful fetures and lovley hair, who do they think they are !


    But really no idea sorry : )

  • Cause they're not getting any. Don't mind the horny trolls. They're like regular ones but with boners.


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  • The only ones that bother me really are the: "nice guys finish last" type of posts. Generally the guys who posts those are so full of bitterness. You can see it in their question. If women comment on these questions they usually attack them or argue with them. I tend to ignore those types now. You can't get through to people like that.

  • There are females who post similar things it's not just males. Both side are just bitter and believe the world owes them an SO and if they don't get it obviously they are not the issue everyone else is :/.

    To be fair there are extreme assholes/bitches on both sides so some people get really hurt and are too afraid to open up again so they assume the opposite gender is evil and they look for things supporting their view point thus preventing them from ever getting hurt and at the same time preventing them from falling in love again.

    I think women are worse then men actually but that might just be me.

    • Um, okay, but my question was about some guys on this site, not all men and I didn't ask about women.

    • Yeah and I answered that I just saying it's not just the guys that are the issue.

  • One too many rejections? A bad relationship with their mothers? Been dumped recently or a few times in a row. I know I have had a bad streak lately. I think I kind of sabotage myself and pick ones that will disappoint me and reinforce the old belief that I don't deserve to be happy. It takes a lot to still keep an open heart and give people a chance after you've been slapped down too many times.