Does an sccount get deactivated by simply not coming in after a while?

I had to set up a new account bc it had been so long since I came on that I can't remember the details of the first one. It doesn't bother me but I feel bad taking up an account space that isn't even being used. Plus if anyone is writing to be they'll think im ignoring them.

Just wondering what happens to unattended accounts after a few months?

I can't access it from my email bc I don't have the password anymore. It shows up on my email but I can't sign in.
I did change the joint password on my email thinking it would automatically change my gag password. Evidently it does not automatically switch on gag
just bc you changed it in your email. They exist Independently.

My gag password is still the old one , while my email has a new password. I can never recover it now. Bc it is gone.


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  • I didn't come here for nearly a year, but my account was left untouched. I'm pretty sure they don't deactivate inactive accounts. You could contact GAG and ask them to shut down your previous account or find a way to get access to it again.

    • @Hannah591 I'm curious, what brought you back to the GAG community? Thanks

    • I actually don't know. I think I just remembered it one day, it completely went out of my mind for a long time so I thought I would pop on. I thought my account would be gone but it was still there. I liked all the modern changes and being able to write articles again, so I stuck around. I aim to get passed level 9!


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  • I've seen GAG'ers being inactive for months and come back on the same user id.
    I suppose that if your account was not a catfish, and you don't dactivate your Facebook or e-mail that it was linked to, it will stay available for use.

  • Don't know the rules on this.


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  • well then maybe try changing your password on your email.

  • I dont know sorry