Why aren't there many questions by gurus/masters?

I come on this site on a daily basis and every day I see chunk of questions by anonymous people or other peoples. But I hardly see any questions by gurus/masters/*people with high xper* (whatever age they might be of)
So what I wanna ask is "why"?

  • Mind your own fucking business, you fucktard. Why do you care.
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  • I am here only for helping other people. amen.
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  • I don't have any specific problems I can ask a question about, or if I have any I just ask that anonymously.
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  • Actually, that's a very good question. I will answer.
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  • That's a shitty question, no comment on this. GTFO.
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  • what @xHoneyxBeex said. To get to that level, you need to post a lot of opinions. Questions dont really get you those kinds of points. Most guru's who are here got there questions answered a long time ago, and now just spend their time answering things on the go


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  • Because most users became gurus/masters by answering lots of questions and giving advice rather than asking questions.


What Guys Said 4

  • Mostly because all of the questions they would ask have already been answered. They hit master because they knew a lot of stuff. How much more is there for them to learn that they can actually pick up from this site?

    Hell, I'm level 5 and I'm already running out of things to ponder. Most of the stuff I learn is from researching psychological disorders to answer people's questions.

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    I do ask questions but not as many as I used to. I still participate a lot on the site. doesn't really matter who asks questions in my opinion as long as they are good questions

  • Gurus and masters thrive by giving answers. Some are really helpful and some are really not, they just reached that level by just simply having lots of answers.

  • Because they're gurus. Think about it.