Should we try to keep the people with probing questions, reflective answers? And who can be referenced?

Most people here are anonymous, and few of those ever contribute to any worthwhile discussion.

People who can be identified, and who aren't just ''point farmers' who give three or four word meaningless answers for their Amazon cards, are very valuable here.

Should they be rewarded or induced to stay on the site in some way?


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  • isn't there a member of the month for people like that?

    • Not that I ever heard of... and we want to get them to stay longer than a month, no?

  • They should do something. It would appear many higher profile members are not on very often or are simply leaving GAG altogether.


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  • Well I did notice they are trying to stop the "point farmers." When the site got updated a while back the bonus for having a "first" opinion was pretty high and this resulted in many people giving out those one liners. After a short time they reduced the bonus which helped a lot.

  • I vote: Yes, they should be rewarded.
    *Furthermore, give $20 Amazon Rewards to people that reach 50 MHOs.

    It takes 5000 points to receive an Amazon $20 gift card. 5000 points are a lot of answers and still requires a lot of time. I have been on this site since late-August (5 months) and I have 4163/5000 Xper points.

    *@Krushhbrownies - I want my $20 Amazon Gift Card for winning the Grammy Prediction Challenge (Dealine March 15, 2015)

    Questions have a relatively short lifespan of about 2 days, but they die when no one answers those questions.

    Worst case scenario, those two word answer responses updates questions on the feed; therefore, draws more attention to other people and makes it more likely for others to answer it.

  • Holy crap, I couldn't agree more. there are literally way too many anonymous posts. and way too many pointless posts that have either obvious answers or no answers at all. I find it irritating.