Which topic suits best for 'Women Empowerment'?

I want to write something on Women Empowerment on GAG but I'm confused about under which topic it lies. Thank you for any help you can provide for this question.

  • Girl's Behaviour
    Vote A
  • Occasions & Gifts
    Vote B
  • Social Relationships
    Vote C
  • Other
    Vote D
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
I didn't know that #WomenEmpowerment is a lie :(
Thank you people.
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  • I voted A
    I would emphasize how education has advanced
    The modern woman


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What Girls Said 3

  • It would go under Girls' Behavior, I think.

    • How about social relationships?

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    • Yeah you're right. I'm getting more and more confused.

      Anyway, thanks for the help :)

    • haha well, you can't really go wrong with any of the categories listed in your poll so, just pick one, it will be okay. Lol

  • Don't we have enough empowerment? To be honest I'm kind of tired of people trying to empower women, it was fun when it started and it made me feel good but now I'm starting to have a real distaste for it.
    I would put it under 'other' though.

    • It's about fake empowerment too :P

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    • Does it matter what other people think about it? If you having something new to say, it doesn't matter whether people like it or not, say it. If it's the same old thing, which it doesn't sound like because you said you're addressing false empowerment as well, then don't repeat something that's been said a million times.

  • Social relationships?


What Guys Said 8

  • No matter where you put it, we are tired of hearing about it. Just more power for the power cows, does no good for ordinary women.

  • just wondering are you looking to ask a question about women empowerment or are you just like you said looking to write something on women empowerment?

    if it is the second i thought this was a site for asking questions not just posting stuff for people to read, maybe i am wrong or there is a section for just posting stuff for general reading,?

    • I said TOPIC "Which topic suits best for Women Empowerment"

      Yes you can post stuffs for people to read. They are called as MyTakes.
      Check this out => www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a6807-what-s-your-take-faqs-more

    • cool thanks for the heads up, still getting the hang of this place.

      hard to know what topic to put it under without knowing what is in it, a heading only gives a tiny bit of information, for example, the heading WOMEN IN POWER, could be under women jobs or women in the work place, or sexual behaviour or sexual health it all depends on the text that is going under the heading. if you give us a rough idea on what it is about then we might be able to point you in the right direction a little better

    • Ok thanks :)

  • Just put other lol

  • Occasions & Gifts

  • I agree with the majority... make it Girls Behaviour... a guesstimate though haha.

    • Thanks but now I'm considering to not to write it because it won't help anybody :/ it'll be good for some people and irritating for the rest. Society will remain the same.

    • That's your decision of course... you could consider interviewing a few ladies via PM and if they approve, publish their opinions without naming the user names (otherwise it's a member post which is not allowed). So first doing your research!

  • I'd put it under other or social relationships. at the end of the day, it doesn't matter too much

  • I hope
    Now you understand the position of woman.

  • Social Relationships. You strange failure of a man. I can't imagine how "prolific" the article will be if you can't get past this part.

    • It'll contain the steps which should be taken by the girls and what they actually take = girl's behaviour
      It's for women's day = Occasions & Gifts
      Social Relationships = As it revolves around it.
      Other = If none of above suits it.

      Well if you can't imagine then you should work on your visionary skills.

    • I was right, this is a horrible article since it's scattered too far and not actually focused, and it's still Social Relationships. The only way it would fit under O&G is if you wrote a "Women's Appreciation Day Guide" specifically noting historical figures and basically doing a biography to encourage and enlighten, but if it's something that could fit under any given day it's definitely not O&G, and then you've got this "steps to take" which is probably not best for you to even touch. You couldn't pick a topic by yourself what makes you think you've the referential skills to actually direct other people's lives? And obviously it's not "other".

    • Well thanks but

      "this is a horrible article since it's scattered too far and not actually focused"
      o_O are you okay? Don't get me wrong but I can see some misogyny here.