The option to request to follow from a private follow, isn't this an invasion of privacy?

I don't find this beneficial because i'm getting a follow request frm someone random and i can't get rid of his request? I would have to block him to stop the notification from appearing on my top right side corner?

OOps... I made a typo on my question header... It's supposed to be ******from a private PROFILE.


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  • I have no idea of how it works since I'm never on private. But that does kinda sound stupid/funny

    • The whole point is that I don't want to be added by some troll or random troll user. This new feature just makes life, a bit harder now!!!

    • Where does the Notification pop up at? and you can't get rid of it forreal?

      I see how/why that can be annoying

    • I already included that in the Details section.

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  • i guess you can turn-off the request in general... no?

  • He can't see what you have written on your profile which is the only point to a private profile (at least from what I see)

    • You are not understanding me. I do not want a follow request. To delete his request box off in my list, I have to block him instead.

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    • Just block 'em if you don't want him to follow you.

    • That's not the point, it gives me extra work to do, everytime i login. I don't need extra bullshit to deal with.

  • Just accept him, block him, then unblock him. Problem solved


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  • I feel sorry for the Admins. Everyone kept asking for this feature, and they gave it to us. And now people are already complaining about it.
    As far as I know you have the option to deny the request. Or just block them if you really want nothing to do with them. And move on.

    • Well it's fucking dumb. Now i have to block people for that reason. Keep clicking off boxes. people want add others from a private profile, need to leave them a message in comment section. What the fuck is wrong with that? Seriously, this is annoying. The clicking no of request DOES not get rid of the box. I have to go the requester's profile and blocked him from there!!!

    • Log out and log in and again. The request box and notification is gone!!!

    • You sure? I only saw one girl suggesting it. Who is everyone anyway? I sure never advocate for such Feature. Only stalkers.

  • It is annoying and makes it easier for stalkers