Help I don't know what to do in this awkward situation. advice?

Ok so I've been talking to. this guy. for awhile. he lives 2hrs away & he came ovee to visit. well he brought his little dog & she doesn't like my male dog. he's only 11months. but i was trying to sleep & he fell asleep next to me. his dog growls & barks at everything. i can't go pee without her flipping out. so now I'm really tired & can't sleep in my own bed. i don't feel comfortable in my own home now. i feel not connection with my new friend. I don't know what to do? He asked if could stay til tomorrow morning & i said sure. but i agreed before he got here. Now i feel terrible.:/ what should i do?


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  • Can the dog be kept outside?


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  • You are being too nice.
    That dog is a menace.
    Tell him.
    Be nice, but forceful.

  • Tell him the dog is too much or he'll give you the dog everytime and you'll become a doormat