If you flag an insulting comment but it remains, what then?

If you flag an insulting comment but it remains, what then? How long does it usually take for it to be removed?


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  • When the admins get to it. There aren't that many.

    Things get removed faster if a moderator sees it and thinks it should be. The deeper it's buried in some comment-conversation, the less likely that is, because nobody is reading that shit once it goes on for a while.

    • nobody is reading that shit once it goes on for a while... that's a funny insight!

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    • There're generally more complaints about over versus under moderation.

      That said if mods could browse reported items that might help.

    • I can understand that, as a user you operate within the framework and sometimes it works against you, I've seen bias in censorship, derogatory terms ok one moment and not ok the next. It seems like it depends on whether or not the admin looking at a particular opinion/comment agrees with the opinion owner's point of view as to whether they get censored, or not censored. When it's inconsistent you feel like it's happening too much.
      I wonder what less moderation would look like, in my ideal model people could have it out over their opinions and get as insulting as they like, how they choose to defend their beliefs would be up to them, people could just get on with it. Moderation would be discretionary, obvious repeat spamming would get censored and adult content would too. You could block individual users, if you block comments on your opinion it should be shown somehow, otherwise people smugly have the final word.
      Probably not suitable guidelines for a site like this! lol

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  • only admins get notified of reported comments so you'd have to wait till they reviewed it or a mod saw it and removed it

    • ah ok thanks, so if someone called you "jerkoff, douchebag and ignorant shit".. it'd be safe to say that'll get removed regardless of context? I've been modded for much less you see so I want to see consistency! lmao

    • yes that should be removed

    • I will wait and see! haha

  • That means that the admins don't think its offensive. Which sucks.

    Sometimes people say a lot of mean things

    • If I was a site moderator and said publicly I just visited your profile and I realised that I should talk to you anymore after reading your views which depicts your real intentions, then accused you of stalking (we've never spoken before) then blocked you... would you think that was bad form on my part as a moderator?
      Remember mods can't trawl through your profile and look at your comments when they're pretty much all anon anyway. If I get censored for less shitty member posts than that- mods should too! lol. It's the principle, not the offense.

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    • Shouldn't**

    • Sorry that was hard to understand, I need sleep! lol. I want fairness for all!

  • If it doesn't get removed then they dont see it as insulting basically

    • There's been a spike in the word basically on this site recently, basically.

    • Basically yeah

  • Nothing...


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  • All reports are being investigated and taken proper action. If you think that a report of yours has not been taken care of please send a message to girlsaskguys user: http://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/girlsaskguys

    • Nice one old bean! I sent a message to the admin team. I'll get a message back with the decision when they have time? I don't mind waiting, I know they must be busy, it's just that it would suck to message them and just never hear back! lol. If not I'll ping girlsaskguys a message!

    • please do so.. thanks

    • I have contacted girlsaskguys and it seems the courtesy of a reply is beyond them, this is discourteous to say the least. In this particular case; a member post is a member post, regardless of who perpetrates it or who's side you're on, as I've been censored for less this shows obvious bias and makes me question why I should bother sticking to the community guidelines, if you don't want people to undermine them, you guys really should be more consistent!

  • That all depends. After you flag said comment or post the administrators review it and decide if it is offensive , if it is they will remove it pretty quickly. How ever if they find that it doesn't fit into their offensive criteria then it will not be removed

  • It'll not take more than a day. If that doesn't get removed,
    It means that was not offensive AT ALL. You're over thinking ;)

  • You'd have to be a douche to do that in the first place

    • fight fire with fire! lol. You're fairly douchey and combative yourself, commenting on the opinions of others with an ill informed contrary stance; so I'll take that as a compliment coming from you!

    • Feel free to block me since I can't block you.

    • Na, I don't do the thing of throwing out a carefully worded insult then having the final say, that's the preserve of others, do you do that shit?

  • Then I suppose you should just go be offended someplace else lol

    • The offense is because of the principle, if I get modded for next to nothing then so should others, especially mods themselves! lol

    • Like I said, I guess you should go be offended about principles somewhere else because they evidently don't care lol

    • We'll see I guess!

  • Then you get a tissue to dry your tears.