How often do you-or is there a situational factor in play?

How often do you either ask or respond to a question as anonymous? Do you only do it for certain topics or just when you feel embarrassed by what you're saying? I dont post anonymously unless I'm trying to plan and/or get opinions on things about my relationship (cause my SO also has a GAG and looks at some things I do) and sometimes it to surprise him... But why do you post anonymous?

  • anonymous by topic
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  • anonymous by humility
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  • anonymous by choosing to be mysterious
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  • other reason
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  • If I talk about something that is either too sexual, too personal, or talk in a way that would make me seem too unmanly (asking question about love and how to show a woman I love her.) I will be anonymous.


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  • I don't know. Sometimes I will for long stretches without a reason.


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