Calling all moderator's! Question for you?

I recently applied for being a moderator. How long did it take for you to hear back regarding it?


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  • Okay I know.

    First of all, you need to (successfully) report many questions/opinions/comments. I did it. Then I thought it would be right time as I reported many posts. I contacted them. They replied the very next day that. They liked my reports but they can't make me moderator yet because I'm new here (I contacted them after three months when I signed up). They said it won't take that long :)

    After 1.5-2 months, I contacted them again that "how much more time should I take to contact you again for joining mod team?"
    Next day, they made me mod.
    Next month, I was promoted to Super Moderator.
    Now one month have passed, waiting to be UberMod!

    So, if they didn't contact you, it means either you're so new here or you didn't reported that much.
    Plus, it'd be possible that they have so many mods already as over the last two months, so many users made mods.

    Don't worry and just keep reporting. After some time, contact them again.
    Good luck stella :)

    • I am new here. I've only been here for 1 month but already a level 7 member haha

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    • I wonder why I was sent an email then to be one. I'll just go ahead and pm an admkn

    • You got an email?
      Then you could be the one. But I doubt because they don't appoint new members.
      Anyway, best wishes.

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  • hmm I don't know i got a pm.

    • So if you have guru or master next to your name then you are a moderator?

    • no not at all. you need the moderator icon

  • I don't really know if I applied per se. I know I ranked up in mod level after a year at the previous level.

  • I don't know...
    And am not interested being a mod...

    But if mods get larger amazon card n privileges I will consider being one :D


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  • I never applied but instead was... Asked. I turned them down, however. I didn't want to get hooked a the hip so much here that I was under their thumb, although you Do get paid.
    I am comfy and cozy in just doing my own thing. And depending on your stats here, dear, will Depend on them Accepting you as a Moderator, I believe as well.
    Good luck. xxoo

  • Well personally, I never applied. The user base here nominated me on one of those "who should be the next members' choice moderator?" questions asked by the admins and I was chosen. I suppose in your case, it would simply depend on how long it takes the admins to review your profile and decide if they think you'll make a good moderator. I would assume you should hear back within 24-48 hours at least.

    • Ok thanks. It's been maybe 5 days so I probably didn't get it. Oh well

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    • Who are the admin? I'll shoot them an email now

    • You can send a message to GirlsAskGuys here, the account is managed by the admins.

  • I don't know. I never applied. One random rainy day I got a pm.

  • I wondered why my post was edited... In one of the threads... If this is what you do then it's wrong, these are message boards with people expressing an opinion, you change what has been expressed from the writer... fair enough to moderate any foul language but who ever edited my post changed its meaning... It's almost like a smear campaign... Not happy... I can see why newbies must wait...

  • what does a moderator do? just look over the site and review questions making sure they're not explicit and against the rules and stuff?

  • How do you apply for it?

    • I got an email regarding that I was chosen to apply. Other than that I am really not sure how else sorry

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    • Opinion owner, you can simply send a message to the admins and tell them you are interested in becoming a moderator.

    • Okay thank you