Do you think rating a question or take would be a good idea?

Why is it so that we can not rate any thread on GAG based on how much we like it, just like opinion comments? Like give it a like/dislike? There are plenty of questions or takes where one would not bother commenting but would not mind rating them if he thinks they are helpful thus giving them at least some of his attention. Furthermore if we also show threads in the order of their likes or dislikes and not just relevance or date, then many good threads would not be buried into obscurity as they always are on this site. Look at youtube and notice that it actually has a good mechanic of making the popular vids stay afloat.

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  • There was such system in which we could rate the question from 1-5 star.

    It was however discontinued because it might make question askers more insecure and thus it'd make the site feed cold.

    Furthermore, people are not perfect in giving ratings. Once someone gave a bad rating to a good question first, it would repel many people from visiting that thread.

    So it's better as it is. :-)

    • Actually that makes a lot of sense.

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    • Thanks fella :)

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  • It would be a great idea! When the site was completely overhauled last year, they got rid of the question rating feature. I've always wanted them to bring it back, because you got points for every rate given and you could get an idea about the overall quality of the question. It was a 5 star rating system.

    They should at least have it for the takes.

  • it's not a bad idea but i think it's unnecessary. keep in mind that some people just down vote because they like to get personal with certain users, without actually caring for the content of the question.

    it used to be a rating system /5 stars but I'm kinda glad they got rid of it.

  • No I don't think so. It gives unrighteous people the power to condemn and humiliate others for innocent questions that are not designed to start conflict.

    • That still counts as freedom of speech. Who do you think should have the right to dictate what can and can not be said?

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    • "Words spoken with the intention of hurting others should not be allowed"

      Now that sounds rather Nazi. You do realize that people would abuse such a law and come up with ANY excuse to shut people up simply because they 'said something offensive'? How are you exactly going to define offensive, I ask for the second time? And again, some people consider certain things offensive that others do not - remember the clown thing. No. Freedom of speech must prevail even if it means some person without a backbone can't take the 'offensive' words.

      And look, if we are going to just repeat what we already said then there's no point in this. How about we just agree to disagree and be done with it. You support sensitivity, I support a human right to free speech. There.

    • an offensive comment is a comment that arouses anger but not injury. A harassment is a comment that is designed to hurt or harm others - not a comment that directly or indirectly arouses anger and rage in others.

  • GAG used to has an option to rate questions. My guess is to many people got butt hurt.


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  • There is a new system that is in place.

    The "Was this helpful" button.

    All questions start off at zero. More helpful questions get more button presses. Presumably, the GaG coders can set a threshold that will promote a question based on popularity with gag members.

  • There used to be a 1-5 star rating system that was discontinued.

    The Like/Dislike bar as seen on Youtube videos would be ideal.

  • A rating system that put most popular to top would ruin it for me I have zero interest in crushing, relationship, dating questions and they would be ones getting most interest plus popularity would play a part social groups would bump each others' questions up.

    • Well GAG could make it so that you only see the top questions of a particular subject, not all subjects.
      But the questions of gagers with many followers will receive upvotes yes and that does suck, you have a point on that one.

  • on the old site they allowed people to rate questions out of 5. i dont think that is really necessary honestly, but being able to rate takes wouldn't be that bad an idea. id be giving out a lot of one stars to these shit anti-feminist takes because 90% of them are written by retards. I'd like to see an anti-feminist post that was written at least at a high school senior level... is that too much to ask?

    • Although this is derailing the subject, how exactly are anti-feminist takes retarded? Some of them are of course but some are well thought out and present you with some decent truth-bombs.

    • i already said why they are retarded. Most of them are written at a primary school level, and are just a rant vs something intellectually thought provoking. It makes the male userbase on here look retarded with each new one produced per week. the quality is usually garbage, and only serve to make the dicks wet of certain guys who get off on anything pro men, regardless of how terribly thought out or argued it was. i fight for quality over quantity, and right now there is just too much garbage written for me to take much of it seriously.

    • Point taken.

  • You can use the "Was this helpful?" button.. It tracks the helpful counts

  • Here's an even more elitist idea:

    No more options for being anonymous, and mandatory pic uploads, having a rating system and higher rated guys/girls opinions sit on the top of the list.

    Sounds like a plan let's make it happen.

  • They used to have that. It was removed. Seemed pointless