Why isn't his girlfriend bothered?

I'm not a home wrecker or whatever, but there's this guy and he's really cute but he has a girlfriend as well as a sidechick (which the girlfriend isn't aware of?)

Everytime I interact with him she just comes in and sees at the wrong time... but she doesn't even seem bothered.. I mean, why?

He told me to listen to his hearbeat and I tried from like a distance but he said "put your head on my chest" so I did and I just stood there with my head on his chest for like 1 minute and he put his chin on my head... exactly then his girlfriend walks in and she doesn't even say anything, she look at us and walks to her friends and she wasn't bothered at all.

Another Example:
He was talking to me about the fact that he's tired, and then says can you be my pillow? So he puts his head on my shoulder, and she of course has to come in right there and then into the class room, and sits down and she smiles at me, like a geniune smile, because I know what her fake smile looks like

There's many more examples and she always compliments me and she's so nice to me although always coming in at the wrong time and seeing something that's not what actually happened with me and her boyfriend... but why isn't she annoyed/mad/jealous?

he was hugging me and he even caught him squeezing my ass


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  • She's probably used to seeing him flirt with a lot of girls and isn't bothered because he is "hers". For various reasons some chicks take this attitude/ strategy. For some the "hers" is a status thing and they are willing to lie to themselves or turn a blind eye for the benefits that come with dating a sports player or rich guy... they see it as part of the deal.

    Others just feel confident in their relationship and know that he loves her and none of the other girls are a threat.

    The real issue here is how this situation is effecting you. Remove yourself from it as it is doing you no positive purpose. Seriously- don't get sucked into this interaction with him any longer.

    You seem to on some level like the interaction with him and want a reaction from her and, again, on some level probably feel lessened when you aren't getting it or anything more from him. Just part of some game they play or dynamic which could leave you feeling foolish. Move beyond/ above it.

    • Thanks for the advice,
      But I seriously don't want a reaction from her, she's a really nice girl but I was just wondering because most girls start screaming and getting jealous when their bf even LOOKS at another girl.

      I've known him just a little longer than she knew him, by like a few months, and I don't want anything from him


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  • Open relationship comes to mind

  • Some girls don't get annoyed/mad/jealous over small stuff.

  • Sounds like an good example of a healthy relationship based on genuine trust.

  • maybe he's using her as soemthing to get you jealous

    • she's his girlfriend though? for almost a year now

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    • I've added the most extreme she caught him doing to me: he was hugging me and then suddenly squeezed my ass, I took his hand away but she still saw..

    • they must've spoken about it

  • Sidechick? Guy sounds like an asshole

    • It's a really long story with his sidechick, but other than that he's really nice.

    • I'm just sayin'

    • Yeah, iknow :)

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  • He's an asshole and his girlfriend knows it. She can't be bothered because she doesn't give a shit about what he does. She's probably only with him because he's doing something for her, or she has more guys of her own. More power to her in this situation.

  • More like, why are you flirting with this guy? You know he has a gf possibly yet you do that in front of his gf? Allright then. Hope you get together and he does the same to you. Have fun.

    • Me and him were friends before his girlfriend came about, but we kinda got distant when she came along, and I don't do it in front of his girlfriend, he does something to me or tells me to do something and his girlfriend just walks in at the wrong moment and she must think it's something else...