Are there any specific things that other GaGers do that annoys the crap out of you?

Feel free to go anon for this. But I was just wondering if there were any specific things some other gag users do that anoys the hell out of you.

For me it's people who answer "what body type looks better" kind of questions with "Whatever type you are!".

Grow some balls and take a stance you gutless White Knights.


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  • ●People who ask question for validation only. (example: *Asker = 125KG girl* asks, Am I fat :( ? My boyfriend says so. ; Gets 100 response "yes you are fat" and 1 response "no you are 'perfect'" BAM! *awarded MHO!*)

    ●People who uploads 2-3 GIF on every single thread. Stupid irrelevant posts.

    ●People who mention spam (tagging 20-30 users at once)

    ●People who write controversial myTakes which literally makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

    ●People who ask "how do I look" questions and use filter, make-up, pathetic photoshopped images.

    ●Xper hunters who just give one sentence answers every time.

    ●Intellectual inferior people who block people without reason because they failed cognitive analysis.

    ●Creeps sending romantic messages and pictures.

    ●Who make couple because their username or profile picture are matching

    ●Who do publicity of their username in their opinions.

    ●Selects MHO in 6-7 minutes.

    My fingers are burning but gosh they're not ending X (

    • I sometimes give one word sentences sad face

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    • Mist was joking LOL ^_^

      You should know by now that even if you were talking about me... I was still going to continue to do/say whatever I wanted ^_^

      I think that's why we followed each other way back when anyway, right? ^_^

    • These days, all I do is give one sentence answers.

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    people who think that because they experienced 1 bad thing, the whole world is like that.

    people who need constant validation on their looks. can't stand rate me questions.

    people who post pics and attach them to stupidly obvious photos, like the chick who asked 'is my butt flat?' when CLEARLY it's not.

    men who ask about their penis. ill tell y'all now that i promise u, we are SO. OVER. IT.

    oh people who try to start arguments that will reach no end. I'm talking about controversial things that no one will ever agree on.

    ok i think that's it for now =]

  • People that are unnecessarily rude. Like there a few users that are super snarky on every post for no reason and it's annoying.

    The "do I look fat" questions from people who clearly aren't fat and know that they aren't fat.

    The downvotes on stupid shit, like where do you live questions. How tf do you downvote where someone lives!

    The users that act like they're God's gift to the world. They think they know everything and act like their shit doesn't stink.

    The virgins that look down on everyone else and then try to pretend that they're not.

  • -Writing in caps lock in 90% of their posts, kind of immature
    -When the poll options have nothing to do with the question because they're trying to be "humorous". I just find it lame, to be honest.
    -Random downvotes on things that don't deserve controversy or hate such as your zodiac sign. Speaking of downvotes, when it obvious that people downvote others because they don't like them. For example a gager gets downvoted because he/she said something nice about another gager.
    -Rude or offensive comments
    -Member posts. Aka, writing a question or an opinion that makes fun of another gag user (A post negative in general).

  • People who try to lie but are really bad at it. Like... folks who post two pictures for a "friend" and ask which girl is hotter.

    Same principle: kids who are clearly no older than maybe 15 trying to pass themselves off as someone in their 20's or 30's. We can fucking tell how old you are by the way you act anyway, just stop.

    People who ask rate me questions. I'm so glad that became its own topic so I could block the fuck out of it.

    • Er maybe they have a older picture? maybe they want a picture of when they were younger... look iron man had a picture of when he was a child and you obviously know he's 35, not 5

  • When people save your pics without permission.

    • This is why i never post a picture!

    • This is why I stopped naked modeling on reddit.

  • lol at some of your responses, for me it's the d size questions, the I'm this race will this race like me, and rate me questions which is why I have category blocked.

  • I don't think I care that much to the point of annoyance

  • Mostly the anons.

  • Yes, the virgin hunters and yeah them.

  • When they ask the same questions all over again :/

    • Well at least the 50 times a day penis, height, weight, breast, and does he like me questions are easy xp.

  • Giving vague BS generic and cliché answers

  • Hate post like this basically. Its pretty obvious, this post is directed to specific people. People here on gag, who are known and post funny weird things. They get so much attention and some sounds bitter and insecure here.


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  • Naw not at all, since for 1 I don't take this place seriuosly and 2 the can post however the heck they want... what can you/I do about it anyway? al yeah that's right nothing at all LOL

  • Gagers that leave nasty and unproductive comments to people asking how do i look questions, i seen this one girl think she was so hot and belittled another gagers self esteem and called her ugly...

    Also gagers that always tag a long list of each user that is all gurus and popular and leave out the not so popular users... that is really annoying

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    • Baarkman? Aren't you friends with the virgin hunter? Hayden?

    • we're not friends, but i sometimes pm and talk to him yes... He's actually normal but just obsessed. we're cool

  • I'm not a fan of the "best/worst ___ on GaG " questions.

    I feel those alienate people. Enough folks on here dealing with self esteem problems as it is.

  • A great many things lol but that's life for you.

  • those who block me and I can't reply to the comment in my opinion because they don't like my opinion 😡😡😡

  • Some people do it to bring the truth which hurts people.

  • People who comment on other people's opinions, it's almost always a case of some asshole opening their mouth where it's not wanted or needed. It's the same thing every time: absolute smug dickhead to faceless stranger? check. Snarky and combative rather than inquisitive and constructive? check. Unable to defend beliefs so gets personal? check. Can't handle the blowback so uses block feature to have final say? check. They usually think it's up to them to "call you out" from their liberal, holier than though, social justice warrior bullshit point of view.
    They never post anon, not because of the principle and not wanting to look "cowardly" (lol), but because they want reputation and followers. Their opinions are speculative bullshit dressed up as experience, they are also sycophantic, ingratiating and insincere.
    There are so many people like that here that I spend most of my time on reddit these days.. where people are actually grown up.

    • Nice to know you too, punk

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    • Grazie tutti! lol

    • I also hate the hypocritical, inconsistent, biased and unprofessional manner in which the admins go about censorship on this site. I think this is what they look like...

  • Basically, there are people who write "basically" like basically in every comment. Basically.

    I hadn't noticed basically til someone pointed it out yesterday. Basically.

    • Ever since I noticed that, it has made my blood curl every time I see it.


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    • Basically i think this fundamentally needs to stop... try fundamentally

    • ok man i'll never use it again... is it ok with u? if i ever use it again, feel free 2 report my post :-)

      @galaxyhotchoc i dunno y yer comment was deleted... but i'll stop, coz u mentioned it was annoyin... ;-)

      @asker hope we r ok now 8)