Do you ever feel like this?

Do you ever feel unsure of the advice you sometimes give here on serious topics that you start to wonder how it may affect the choices they make based on what you said


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  • Thank you for this question :) I need to start using my disclaimer again that I used to use earlier.

    We must remember that everyone is opining based on their own experience &/or how they read & understand the asker's question. While the same may be answered in good intent, the asker must know and understand that the answers may have tinges of the answerer's personal emotions that may not really suit the situation of the asker.

    Opinions here and elsewhere must be used as references but finally decide by using one's own mind :)

    • That was quick and thank you, young friend for your generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :)


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  • everyone has to cover their backsides i guess XD


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  • Anything serious I tend to try and guide them towards getting professional advice.

  • No. Looking for the best advice on the internet is like looking for the locness monster.

    You are either asking a question and getting decent advice, advice that you want to hear or advice you dread hearing.

    I say Take all advice as subjective. People will say she is interested just so you can find out the next day she already has a boyfriend.

    I say take opinions here as only as opinions.

    Note: Always agree with the questioner so they don't block you for disagreeing.

  • i sometimes get the impression people are second guessing, some will have similar experience as yourself whereas others will give a more general view. main thing is try to identify which solution works best for your scenario.