Why does this site use so much bandwidth?

i use a bandwidth tracker and this site uses an abnormal amount of bandwidth. do you think it's all the ads?


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  • Because of ads and now after the new update (opine directly from homepage) pictures from description get automatically loaded causing more bandwidth.


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  • I tried looking up "bandwidth" online and all I got was a headache. Could you please explain what it is in layman's terms? Thaaanks :D

    • it's more or less the data sent to your computer in megabytes when you browse the internet. text uses very little data. pictures use slightly more, sound files use than pictures but still not that much videos use large amounts depending on the length and quality of the video. well girlsaskguys use abnormal amount of data considering its just a site about sharing information and answering peoples questions

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    • it's not that bad. the internet itself is cheap, but the bandwidth usage of the site is still weird. but i find this site fairly useful, or else i wouldn't bother.

    • yeah I love this site :) the people here are so nice giving other people their advice all the time :) people here actually listen to other people's opinions, and I think that's really cool :D

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  • Yes it will definitely be due to the ads. After level 6 the ads are removed so check it again then and you will know your answer :)