How does GAG know if you made duplicate accounts or not?

I'm assuming they look at the IP address and if it matches another one's account, they assume these are duplicate accounts?

I ask because I had two fake accounts on this site (I won't say their user names) and I only used them for trolling purposes. I've been doing this for about two months. Suddenly, I got a message about five minutes ago from the GAG administrators that they deleted my accounts because of duplication and warned me I could get banned.

Here is the problem I have: Let's say they DO determine duplicate accounts by IP address, what if you're living in the same house with another person who uses GAG and they use your computer? Does that mean their accounts will be in jeopardy? I don't think this is fair. OR do these use another methodology I don't know about? Would someone have to message one of the moderators to let them know?

I'm not in this situation but I'm just asking a "WHAT IF"? scenario here.

@princessmethteeth Thanks for your thorough answer.


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  • Of course they check the IP address. They banned a bunch of real people before because they thought they were me. lol They lost like 10 real users... I've had multiple accounts in the past, but I always ran them through proxie servers and they never were wise to it.

    • See, and this is why they need to change this. I'm sure there are other ways to solve the problem.

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  • You could have been reported for it and then they checked and found the othet two accounts.

    • How could someone have reported me? I'm telling you right now, I highly doubt someone knew these two accounts were mine.

    • They might have been reported for something else (like trolling), and then GaG noticed the IP addresses.

  • You can know from the questions they ask too.

    • Except the questions I asked with my fake accounts were NOTHING in common with the questions I've been asking. It's not like I copied and pasted my questions on this account.

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    • I know they probably do but my sister lives with me and what if she makes an account on GAG?(She uses my laptop.) Is she going to be deleted for a duplicate account?

    • I don't think so. I think I know a person that made a duplicate and both accounts are still here.

  • Well there you go... You answered your own question and why troll?

    If they didn't remove it that way they would've deleted it from stupid, inappropriate, or rude questions.

    • I didn't answer my own question, I just speculated. I enjoy trolling, that's why I troll.

      Anyway, that may be true about them deleting it for other reasons but HOW do they know they deleted it for duplicate reasons?

  • I wonder too...


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  • Have you considered the possibility that your accounts, which you used for only trolling, were blocked because you only used them for trolling?

    Bit far fetched perhaps.

    • I'm not denying they were blocked but that still doesn't explain how GAG knew they were MY accounts.

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    • That brings us back to the trolling wouldn't it

    • Maybe, they look at IP address AND quality of questions. Like if we have the same IP address and one of the accounts is clearly making troll posts, they would delete that account. If not, then the account would stay.

  • yes they'll find out by yer IP bro... don't do it 8)

    • But what IF my sister were to make an account (she lives with me and uses my laptop)? Would they delete her account for being a "duplicate"?

    • hmmm maybe :p

  • Have you hated on me before because I have a troll thats trying to play games with me