What are your experiences on this site?

What kind of GaGer are you? Did you just find it today looking for questions or answers? Or are you a veteran? What does the site do for you? What do you hope to do for others? How does it affect your life offline, and what relationships do you have with other people on this site? Share any thoughts you have. I'm mostly just curious.


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  • i think I'm just an all rounded GaGer. i started here a little cautious, carefully treading around the site and not talking to many people.

    once people made me feel more welcome by interacting with me, i began to find it easier to just be myself, talk openly and express my views.

    now, i guess people might know me for that, either in a good or bad way, and frankly it doesn't bother me. generally, people here r quite great, but there are some users who r so judgmental that they believe they can sum u up based on two things: 1. your picture 2. what they've seen you say around the site.

  • Thank you for asking!
    Like any other site, i've had good and bad experiences on here. Lets just say I don't run into the nicest people on here... i've run into sexist, racist, and just plain mean people who offend me, etc.
    I like this site cause I get to put my insights and opinions into things and I get to help others or answer their questions, and sometimes I even have questions and its really helpful to get them answered.
    It doesn't really affect my life offline, well it does, when I ask a question that will help my life offline and it gets answered.

  • Yesterday made the one year mark for me here. I happened upon this site when I googled a question and stuck around. I really don't post many questions. I don't really have many. I do like to answer questions, though. I have experienced a lot in my life and I use my experiences to help others in theirs. Every person's life is different, but it's always good to get input from someone who went through a very similar situation. It can give one insight in ways that they may not have thought of. This site doesn't affect my life offline. I have made some "friends" here. I have also dealt with the usual creepy or vulgar guys. I can definitely do without those.

    • by the way, every person that has answered thus far is someone who I see often answering posts. These people are active and give solid advice.

  • I answer more than ask. I get a few messages every time I am online from guys asking to send them pics or to Skype, kik, or snapchat. If I am online for too long, I notice I get all wrapped up in people's questions and posts and sometimes, I stay up at night wondering about them (not really the people, just things like "What would I do if I were them?" or "How accurate was my advice?") I don't really have any relationships on the site, although there are a few people that I see lot of their posts and agree with most of them. I do notice a lot of "How do I look" posts from anonymous users that have a smoking hot pic and I wonder a lot how many of them just Google some random pic and claim it to be themselves. It makes me a bit sad to see how many self-haters there are on here.

    • I feel like more of those How do i look? posts are fishing for compliments.

  • What are your experiences on this site?
    Fun, nice look, very good mods who aren't annoying, interesting questions and takes here and there, some smart people who teach me stuff.

    What kind of GaGer are you?
    I'm a cunt.

    Did you just find it today looking for questions or answers? Or are you a veteran?
    Yeah. I had a crush on a guy 5 years ago when I found it. I lost the mail and account since then, but came back years later with this new mail.

    What does the site do for you?
    It makes me feel like I'm contributing to get good ideas out in the world.

    What do you hope to do for others?
    Teach them.

    How does it affect your life offline, and what relationships do you have with other people on this site?
    None. GaG is isolated from all other parts of my life.

    Share any thoughts you have. I'm mostly just curious.
    Feminism sucks.

  • I like chatting with people and problem solving. Plus you get to learn about all sorts of cool things :)

  • I mostly ask questions (generally either on my relationship issues or things about society to get others' opinions) but I enjoy answering as well - I don't really get involved in the popularity contests but I do have a couple close... friends I guess on here.

  • i won't lie since i'm a member of GAG i've learn a couple of things


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  • "What kind of GaGer are you?"

    I'm mostly here to educate myself about relationships, read a story here and there and look for people's opinions and see if I like some of them, so I know I am not the only normal guy :) I do not help people here often but I definitely give advices and say what I would do or think or react. Again mostly I am here for education.

    "Did you just find it today looking for questions or answers?"

    I do not understand this question in context. If you mean questions asked and answered by genders in an honest form then yes.

    "Or are you a veteran?"

    No, I'm more like less than 1 year here

    "What does the site do for you?"

    It provides opinions, questions, answers and some wisdom for me. There are also some nice takes from people I can agree with. Some mytakes are enlightening and this website has also some nice people here.

    "What do you hope to do for others?"

    I'm not an ego but I only provide my opinion, advice and things I would do if I were in their shoes. The others can pretty much take care of themselves afterwards. So to say I do not hope anything wrong for good people ;)

    "How does it affect your life offline, and what relationships do you have with other people on this site?"

    It affected me not and my relationships are also at null. Only rarely I find people, who have been in same situations and agree with me, which is nice. It came to my attention, that more trolls love to abuse the anonymous system.

    But let's keep in mind, not everyone can hit the spot.

  • I found this site when I sought out some advice/reassurance about this girl I was crushing on. It didn't end the way I'd hoped. Story of my life, but we're still friends.

    Now I answer more questions than I ask. I try to answer them honestly, occasionally bluntly so as to relay a cold-turkey message, but my intentions are always for the good of the questioner. My "Does-she-like-me?" phase is over and I'm so thankful for that.

    Now that I think about it, the time I spent crushing on her was one of the hardest chapters of my life. Pretty much made me borderline bipolar. One day/week I was euphoric and positive, the next day/week I was miserable and potentially suicidal. I see that those posts have now been removed. Too bad. I would have liked to copy and paste them for a possible memoir to reflect on how unstable I was, or rather, how unstable I can be so I can handle my emotions better in the future. Oh well.

    In the time I spent here, I learned to get over my insecurities and have been building confidence as a result. It was hard and occasionally still is, but I do think I'm a better person now in some ways. Nothing major or impressive, really.

    Why pay for therapy when there's a whole site that has evolved/devolved into a place to gripe to strangers for free (not really including internet/data costs here for convenience sake)?

  • I am a good Guru Gager I found this site one night over 4 years ago I was bored and just happened to run into it so I wanted to check it out and well here I am today still here

  • I come on here to vent snark and hate people. I speak to no one personally, and it's entirely separate from the rest of my online life.

  • I like to help other users and their problems whenever I can. Occasionally I like to play around here and have fun, but I'm mostly here to help.