Xper for Amazon Cards have been raised again?

Hey GaGers,

Did any of you notice that GAG has once again raised the xper for Amazon gift cards.

This is ridiculous. So in the next update I'm assuming it'll be raised to 10k. At this rate no one would want to stay on GAG.


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  • There are several factors affecting the Xper cost of rewards and how many Xpers earned by posting. Such as demand, budgeted total Xpers awarded, and increases in cost. Also, we'd like to highlight "quality" content getting more of what it deserves (such as giving or receiving MHO, "great" and "featured" myTakes)
    Recently new ways to earn Xper have been introduced. Such as "Promoted" myTake (+50Xpers), "Featured" myTake (+100 Xpers), Editor status.
    To compensate for this type of changes Xper point system is being adjusted dynamically.

    • am i responsible for dasudden increase? :(

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    • So what about raising the Amazon gift card from $20 to $25?

    • thanks man... if i remember well when i joined it was 4k... then it became 5k after da background change?

  • Well, the thing is people are coming here long enough to join
    get a Amazon gift card and leave after they get one card
    it's not fair for the people who work their butt off on this site
    to get where they are at and no matter how many people
    they make Administrators they still will allow the trashy
    questions to be asked no offense to anyone and it's the
    Anonymous whose doing it and i feel people are going to leave
    it's just matter of time.

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    • Yes it is sad and i like this site cause everyone seems to be acceptable of anyone
      even if your age is older

  • Wow they jumped up 2 thousand xper? When I joined this site they were 3k back in the day.. You'd think with greater success of the site they could offer more not less..

    • This is why I could NEVER be a mod or anything of the sort on this website despite being asked on a few occasions. I just don't agree with where the site is going.

    • I know right. I joined back in 2012 and it was 4k then. Tbh they're reducing xper on everything. And I'm getting bored of GAG. This is ridiculous

    • with greater sucess, they've also got more people redeeming giftcards.

      Pluss you've got people like Klaatu51 and error_204/despondency/(I don't know his current name) who earn ex so fast that they can redeem a gift twice a week.

  • Its real bad now I almost had enough for a Dinner card and thats out the window and you cannot gain 1 extra xper if u post within 15 mins after question's

    • I hardly even gained any points last night now I will never be a master

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    • @Iron_Man how do the points work now?

    • ignup +10
      - Login per day +5
      - Set Relationship Status +10
      - Set Occupation +10
      - Upload Custom Avatar +50 (first time only)
      - Invite Friends (per signup) +10 - GirlsAskGuys Anniversary +25
      - Birthday +25
      - Ask a Question +1
      - When you select Most Helpful Opinion for your Question +2
      - Question gets more than 50 Follows +10
      - Share your Opinion on a myTake +1
      - myTake is Promoted (blue/pink lightbulb) +50
      - myTake is Featured (you will receive a message for this) +100
      - Share your Opinion on a Featured myTake +1
      - Promoted myTake gets more than 10 Followers +5
      - Connect Facebook Account +100
      - Connect Google+ Account +100
      - If you are Followed by a GirlsAskGuys member +1
      - Share your Opinion on a Question +1
      - You got Most Helpful Award +5
      - Your Opinion is the first Opinion from your gender +1
      - Share your Opinion on a Featured Question +1
      - Vote on a Featured Poll +1

  • They're basically driving us away from this site. I consider leaving sometimes... the gift cards were my main reason :o

  • 2k -> 3k -> 4k -> 5k -> 7k

  • Yeah, this is really annoying

  • I'm here for the questions tbh :p

  • yeah next will be 9k or 10k by September or Octorber

  • I have noticed that right now, 7000 Xper? That's a lot.

  • know more people will leave g@g its counter productive for g@g and especially at a time like this

  • You have got to be kidding me. I was 38 points away from 5,000 xper... great...

  • I didn't notice whats it at now?

  • How much is the gift card for? and if I do the UK one and live in Ireland is it ok?

  • GAG earns a lot, by pay per click system and also by collecting info for surveys and providing it to third parties.

    So it's not a good move to do this. Many good people already left, more will left soon seeing this increase.

    GAG is already getting boring and this one made me feel even worse.

  • GaG is stingy AF with Xper...

    Account is cancelled -20
    Relationship Status Removal -10
    Occupation Removal -10
    Custom Avatar Removal -50
    Avatar Reset by Admin -25
    No login for 7 days -20
    No login for 30 days -50
    No login for 90 days -100

    Disconnect Facebook Account -100
    Disconnect Google+ Account -100
    Unfollow GirlsAskGuys on Facebook -100
    Unfollow GirlsAskGuys on Google+ -100
    Unfollow GirlsAskGuys on Twitter -100
    Unfollowed by a GirlsAskGuys member -1

    Question Opinion Removal -3
    Comment Removal -1
    Most Helpful Opinion Removal -5

    Question Removal -5
    Question Update Removal -2
    Question Follows dips below 50 after reaching 50 -10

    myTake Removal -3
    Promoted myTake Removal -100
    myTake Opinion Removal -1
    Featured myTake Opinion Removal -1
    Promoted myTake Followers gets below 10 -5
    Promoted myTake first Opinion for gender Removal -2
    Promoted myTake Follows dips below 10 after reaching 10 -5

    • LOL I know right.
      Add to the mix the fact that you get 1 xper for answering a question. 50 for promoted my Takes when it used to be a 100

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    • The majority of those are removing the Xper you already gained. You gain +1 Xper if someone follows you, so it makes sense to remove 1 Xper if you lose a follower. It's the same with nearly all of the ones you stated.

    • Then it should be all, sounds bent.

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  • They also changed a lot of the point systems, so now it's even harder to get xper points so pretty much it will take forever to get to 7000! I remember when I first joined the gift cards were only 3000 and they just keep on going up!

  • I didn't notice it until another user mentioned it.

    It kind of sucks.

    I think its only fair that the amount we get for answering/asking goes up too.

  • It does suck. I mean I'm glad that they even offer them but I planned on cashing in to get 4 when I reached guru level and now that's out. And it'll probably take me even longer to reach guru level now. Had I known that they were raising it, I would've cashed in sooner.

  • You'd think they'd make the gift cards like $25 or $30 if they're going to raise the amount of xper needed.

  • oh man i just checked this... i was shocked :O!!

  • I'm okay about it, plus 7,000 isn't that much xper points. The amazon gift card will be useless to me, so I don't care about this, anyways. I won a gag contest back on February , and that amazon gift card I received served for nothing.

  • 7000xper points wtffff!! They need to calm down lol.
    Maybe they can't afford that many amazon giftcards since @Klaatu51 could get one every week :p hahah

    • But he spends a lot of time here and the makers make a lot from the site. Plus the more the active the members the better it is, so its a fair deal. I guess soon it'll be raised to 10k lol

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    • @klaatu51 said he could get one every 2-3 days

    • every 2-3 days? wow that's putting gag out of business lol.
      but hey! he has the time on his hands so y not

  • Super crappy :(

  • I have not.. how much is it now?