Should GAG reduce the number of mods?

It seems that mod positions are being handed out like candy nowadays. And most abuse their power. I've had 75 of my opinions/questions that were removed put back. But it took an entire day the put the question back so at that point there's no use. And mods know that so they remove things that they dont like but isn't against community guidelines because they can get away with it

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  • I wouldn't say a lot of them abuse their power, most use it correctly and admins stomp down on poor behaviour. They notice if a mod continues to remove posts the mod obviously disagrees with that don't break the rules.

    I don't remove things I don't like, only if they break the rules, even if that's not apparently clear to the poster. We have to give a reason for everything we hide.
    There used to be very few mods on this site which was good enough for the amount of users, but GAG appears to be growing at a huge rate so they need to get more people in to help out due to the high demand. Admins are more focused on keeping the site running, promoting it, making alterations etc than removing posts so they trust users to do that job.

    There are new questions coming in nearly every second on this site, they all need to be moderated otherwise this site would lose a lot of users due to poor content. Not all those mods are on at the same time. I'm from the UK so I'm on when American mods usually aren't so it works out there.

    The only reason I would like less mods, is so I could actually find more posts that break the rules. Other mods seem to be a lot quicker at finding things than me! :(


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  • Well mods "hide" a post. If the admins disagree with its removal they put it back.
    I think successful sites like these, that have a high activity rate need constant monitoring.
    So, of course I agree with the number of mods.

    If a mod isn't doing their job or are abusing their powers usually they get removed.

    • Well thats just it they hide the post and it takes admin 1 day or 2 to reinstste it. But that point no ones going to see your post

  • i don't do much hiding. only when people posts nudes or something.

    • I have always liked you. you're really cool. by the way did you ever date that yakuza guy

  • i think so.


What Guys Said 5

  • im falling behind on my "quota" hahaa.

    even with all the mods they have, its not like they're all active at the same time.

  • There has been an increase in mods recently I don't know why maybe increased traffic - With new mods things take a while to settle down, I know I have made a few mistakes myself. Anyway the mods can't hide questions only super or uber can.

    • Yes. Mods can only remove comments.
      Super mods and uber mods can remove questions and comments.

  • it's a big site, so many mods r required

    • Really its not that big. I could do it myself

    • it is there r sure more than a million members in total

  • If you think things are hidden too much now. If I become a mod the site will be empty. ;-p LOL!

  • Mods seem to abuse their power to silence those whose opinions they don't agree with, I've made some strong opinions on here before but the reason it was removed was for "grammar", what?