Whats going on with this new update?

Since this latest GAG update I'm getting all kinds of members in my feed that I'm not following.
What going on?


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  • Oh dear... I've noticed it yesterday just before I logged off.
    Perhaps check out if you've "automatically" started following something else than users. After the last update a month or 2 back, following at least one subject became obliged. So than I had all "girlsaskguys" subject questions in my feed.
    I got used to it, but in the coming day or 2 I'm gonna try to discover what's new and if it's an improvement or a disappointment.
    For the moment I'm open minded haha :D

    • I think I found it: in the "feed", click the icon that looks like a person, above the list of posts in the feed.
      Than you apparently only see posts from people you follow. And if you than select "questions" instead of all posts, you see the questions from people you follow.
      So far I'm not really unhappy, but too early to give a final comment :D

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    • I agree with you on the opening page. It seems very cluttered.

    • Yeah the other aspects of the update, especially how the feed works now, are things I like. It's practical.
      And basically the opening page you don't see anymore once you start navigating so it doesn't bother me.
      Maybe it would be a good idea if they could get a little more structure into that one.
      Like turning it from "messy" to "flashy" :-)

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