Deactivated Accounts xper level drop, why?

@Girlsaskguys, when people deactivate their accounts sometimes their xper level stays as it was when they were active, but other people's drops to 1xper.

Can you tell me why this happens for some and not others?

Come on @Menguc & @Tolga - tell me why!
So, this is still unanswered! Why can't GaG admin tell me?
Stop asking me to pick a MHO when you won't answer the question @Girlsaskguys!!!


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  • I saw that when Jack left he dropped to one but can't say I noticed on other accounts until you mentioned it.

  • That's actually a very good question. I would assume the people who deactivate on their own don't drop, while the ones that are banned do. But it might just be an error.

    @menguc any ideas? I've seen this happen too, but I haven't figured it out.

    • That is one thought of mine too. That the ones dropped to 1xper had their accounts cancelled.

    • ... the particular one where it dropped to Level 1 once is now back to Level 7.
      This is odd.

    • Yep, Commie dropped to 1 too when she left then quickly got put back.

  • actually if they deactivated... then their Xper points make no sense anyway... no?

    • They don't matter, but I wanted to know if there was a reason some get dropped and others stay where they were.

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    • Some of those rules are pretty silly and remind me of why gamification of websites isn't always good. -50 because you removed your custom avatar? Silly. Just let people decide what they want to do with their profile without penalizing them.

  • How do you get banned on this site? Spamming?

    • Spamming, harassment, multiple accounts and ignoring warnings of trolling and other breach of the use of service.

      Usually plenty of warnings are given before being banned.

    • You have to break the guidelines MANY times.
      You even get a warning that tells you to stop doing what you're doing or GAG won't like it!
      Well, that, or spam too much.

  • Oh weird :(
    I best stay active then

  • My Xper dropped when I didn't login for three-four days. Is it possible?

    • Yes, that is because you didn't log in. This is a sudden drop when they deactivate.

      See Klaatu's comment...

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    • You would have to email admin I imagine.

    • nah too much trouble I may have changed by relation status or dropped my avatar or something. to be honest xper do not matter to me much.

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  • Can you give examples of users you've seen this happen to? If you could link their profile here, that would be helpful.

    • Ok. I will try and find some examples for you.

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    • That doesn't ring true as there are accounts that were deactivated before those two and they are at their original xper level. The one they had reached when they closed the account.

      I would show you a link but that would give my game away completekly.

    • @I_am_repulsive how do you know that for certain? Why aren't frauds stripped of their xper?

  • The xper level drop little by little. In other words, it drops over time.
    No login for 7 days -20
    No login for 30 days -50
    No login for 90 days -100

    • This doesn't explain why a deactivated account at a high level gets cut down to 1xper when they deactivate. If it isn't active it can't decrease due to inactivity.

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    • And I'm not bothered by you mentioning me, you fail.

    • You fail by just by being so stroppy and getting wound up about the definition of a word. You make fun of me for being 'old' while acting like a toddler. I find it funny, so thanks for the giggle Hollywood, I'll be sure to keep a lookout for your future pearls of wisdom that you're bound to shit out all over the site.

  • it's probably because that acc got banned

    • This is what I was thinking.