What happened to GaG?

Can someone explain to me what happened to GaG? Since the recent updates questions barely get answered. Why have they made it like this? It isn't just my questions, I'm noticing it on everyone's questions. Also, there seems to be far fewer turning up in the feed. Five seems to be the maximum number of questions displayed (ignring featured which I never look at), and I follow most of the topics and go on the main feed with no filters applied.

This was a reallybad update and I think it needs to be looked at, otherwise people will lose interest in the site altogether.

Does anyone else agree?

  • I've noticed a drop in questions and a drop in answers
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  • I noticed a drop in answers but not questions
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  • I noticed a drop in questions but not answers
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  • I like the update and have no issues
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  • As the majority of the people on this site are in America this I think is often a bad time to post a question as all the American's are sleeping. It is around 2am, 3am, 4am at the moment in America. There is also another reason, most of the popular and most active Gagers have left recently since this GAG has been so much more quiet. I agree with you there is not as many questions being asked and questions are not getting the answers they use to.

    • I know about the time differences and such and I usually accommodate to make the best use, the popular GaG users though - many of them in my opinion didn't comment much any more. They weren't as involved with the questions and answers as they used to be and seemed more interested in talking ot their friends and less interested in helping people. Not to say all, but I don't think the popular user exodus was that bad. Cleared some idiots out too :)

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    • Yeah I loved her/we met after 40+ comments on her question LOL ^_^

    • Thanks for MHA :)


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  • What happened was this. Unlike back then this place doesn't feel like a community but more or less just a pack of random people TALKING over the web... not to each other but just TALKING ( writing opinions and that's it) even though they're all on the same website for 2-13 hours in a 24 houir time span. I mean you'd think they'd get to know each other even a little, right? #AntiSocial

    But way back when you'd find people like Mistninja314 ( me) @desidoo @charismatic110 @phoenix98 @XNicholeMariex3 @illusive_man @anon1999 @genie23 @cookiesandcream @Watermelonoma etc talking up a storm on someone's question i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text_1.gif

    Hell I've had people say "not to be rude but can you guys just inbox each other" LOLOLOL even though we're arguably the reason their generic question got 45+ response since we kept it at the top of the feed via bumping it.

    I guess once most of the #STAPLE GAGers left ya know the 1 who weren't so robotic/generic so did ____ (normal user) feeling to keep coming back here. I heard this site is growing though POP wise LOL

    • Your self absorption is vomit inducing, as is the name dropping. There are plenty of people who still interact with each other. There were plenty before you and plenty will follow. The conversations aren't happening because the questions are not getting back into the feed for people to see.

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    • Hell I've had people say "not to be rude but can you guys just inbox each other" LOLOLOL even though we're arguably the reason their generic question got 45+ response since we kept it at the top of the feed via bumping it.

      LMFAO!!! I love it. Guess they got sick of logging back on GaG after a few days and seeing 45 notifications on their questions and more than half of them didn't have anything to do with them or their question LOL!!

      Hey I need to make an appearance to make this comment as long as possible.

      Mist great job as usual and we are going to make sure we keep GaG on it's toes from here out

    • Yeah there's very little actual conversation here. People respond once to the question and then that's it, hardly anyone ever responds and after about 10 minutes the question is old and pushed off the page replaced by a dumb question like ''he looked at me then he looked away, does he like me?''

  • yep. they don't leave well enough alone.
    I hate the current setup. it is too hard to keep things in order. I work from home and have my work computer right next to my home computer. So I used to keep GAG up all day long. I would refresh and check questions between phone calls. But now I just check in once in a while and do specific searches. I won't bother with the new version very often.

    • I keep getting the new site, then refresh and it's back to the old layout, then back to the new again. Very unstable.

  • People fave finals coming up, that could be a reason.

  • i haven't noticed a drop in activity at all. if anything, I've had more people answer my questions. Pretty much after every update they do, including the update which replaced the old version of girlaskguy. com with what you see now, people make these complaints... even though the site gets more and more users every month. I feel like people won't be satisfied unless we rolled back all progress and went back to the outdated, old version of GaG and just chilled out in stagnancy forever -_-

    • I usually don't complain about an update or change unless I really think it has affected the way the site works in a negative way. I have noticed a huge drop in how may answers I receive and how many other questions receive. Odd that you have seen an increase.

      I'm all for improvements and updates but not when they slow up the progress.

    • people were saying the same thing when the site got its upgrade from the old version too. A bunch of people were prognosticating the death of gag and the end of all activity. Instead, GaG's userbase has exploded, and there are more people engaged in question answering than it there use to be on the old version. Every update, i see this same complaint made by a few people here and there... so now its at the point where i tend to take those complaints with a grain of salt. My feeling sometimes is that these people personally dont like an update for w/e reason, and they end up projecting onto others... assuming that since their own activity has dropped due to their disillusionment of an update, others must be doing the same. However, i talk to the admins often, and empirically, activity isn't really dropping. As a matter of fact, the reason why they are promoting so many moderators is to deal with the giant influx of new users they've been getting

  • I think question rate has slowed down but answers seem the same to me

  • I do notice a decrease response in some of the questions

  • I like the update so far the format is pleasing to the eye and response frequency doesn't seem too low in my opinion.

    • It looks like G+. Everything is trying to look like G+ nowadays.

  • Yea! No one notices my questions anymore and I need attention blah blah blah blah blah!

    • Everyone's questions. Not mine specifically.

    • Yea. I was talking about mine lol.

    • I haven't seen any from you... update is rubbish!

  • Nothing, it's just 10 AM and people are at work.

    • In the UK it's 10am. Also, I do post when it's a good time for the US people.

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  • ur totally right. when i first joined, average reposes for most questions id say was about 20. now it's like 10, possibly a little less.

    it's not just GaG's layout tho. it's some of the users. i can easily say about 75% of the questions are so incredibly shallow, useless or creepy that no one cares to answer them -.-

  • I haven't really noticed this to be honest. I'm on here quite a lot and for me it hasn't seem to change vastly.

  • I have noticed a drop in questions and a drop in answers. I don't think it's all because of this update 'cause a lot of active users have left before the update. Anyway changing its layout doesn't make GaG a different site, I don't know why everyone's getting mad at this.

  • Recent, this has been going on ever since I joined GAG.

    • I've been here a good while, seen many updates come and go again but not many that made the questions so quiet :(

  • Everything's worth less so people are probably losing interest

    • I was one of the people who did cash in my points for cards but the drop in points hasn't put me off, the drop in answers and people commenting and the range of questions causes disinterest though.