Where is myTake gone?

I made my first myTake but I can't see it anywhere in the feed. How can it be seen if it isn't in the feed? Why do some questions appear instantly and others take ages to turn up? Where has my myTake gone?

My myTake somehow got promoted, I am confused? !


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  • If you click on your face it will say mytakes and yours should be there.

    • No, I can't see it in the feed so how can anyone else? What's the point of writing and posting if no one can see it?

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    • So why does it get promoted?

    • I guess GaG just does it after a while so that people can see your take.

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  • You should still be able to see your myTake in your profile. However, we no longer show all myTakes in the feed, only promoted myTakes. So, if your myTake has not been promoted, it will not be seen in the recent myTakes page or the feed.

    • So how does it get promoted if no one can see the thing? Why bother writing it if no one can read it?

  • i think it needs 2 get promoted if u want it 2 appear on yer "feed"

    • As far as I could read it gets promoted if it's popular, but if no one can see it how can it get popular? I don't want it to get popular but I would like to see it was actually on the site. Otherwise why bother writing it?

    • it appears in recent takes, like it happens wid questions... but it'll fade away, if it won't get promoted

  • Was it controversial - Might be getting checked

  • I guess it's gone, Write it again! by the way what topic you wrote?


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