Why aren't two or more people allowed to use this site from the same computer or network?

if two or more people use this site from the same computer or network of computers, why is your account terminated without warning as soon as the site detects this?


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  • its against site rules.

    • i know that, but why? is it some ingenious excuse not to give out amazon vouchers?

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    • i live in an apartment complex where most if not all people have the same ip address. i don't know anyone else who uses this site but about 70% of the residents here are old people so there's bound to be someone besides. anyway my old account got delete for having the same ip address as someone else which is total bullshit. it's very unprofessional to delete accounts because you have a hunch that's why i'm guessing its just a way for them to save money on amazon vouchers

    • @Asker I don't know what other guidelines they follow for deleting accounts with identical IP addresses, perhaps they haven't taken in all the factors, such as your situation, if they haven't realized that yet then it should be brought to their attention, I'll make note of it, but as far as I know they do that to try and reduce the amount of trolls, but it's not very successful in my opinion, a lot of people are still getting away with it. What I am sure of that they do is BAN IP addresses of people who directly violate posting guidelines multiple times with warning, that's one reason they use the trackers, but in your situation that would be stupid since you and a bunch of other people share a network. It's not perfect or nearly all thought out through clearly but for now it is just the way it is. But I'm confident they don't just ban identical IP on the dot, they will most likely observe and review then take appropriate action if needed.

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  • It's most likely to avoid spamming of the site. If two or more people are using this from one computer, it's often because they're up to something.

    • or it could be because they live in the same house and share a computer?

    • Just make accounts for each person and if this happens, contact GAG with your IP address and tell them you're not up to anything.

    • is there a way to get my old account back?

  • because there are a lot of Catfish (Men pretending to be women) and lots of people who have one account to ask a question and another to answer it and troll

    • I have had that.. men pretending to be woman. What woman asks for your bra colour in the 3rd message...

    • what woman asks you "how to menstruate"... such stupid posts...

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  • Because IP ADDRESS is an effective way to control catfish and scammers - On some sites there are internet banks of exotic foreign young ladies REALLY wanting to meet you. Go on any international dating site and you will see what I mean

  • because you could spam and answer questions to get xper points in doing so youd cheat the system and be able to get more money from amazon

    • i don't see how to has anything to do with my question