Why so many anonymous posts?

From brief time spent here on this forum I get a feeling majority do not wish to reveal themselves? Dubious identities? Someone hiding behind a mask? Well, why is it so?


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  • I can't speak for others but I post anonymously when...

    1. The question is requesting very private, personal information.
    I have no duty or obligation to share my personal stories and experiences with a bunch of strangers online: I CHOOSE TO. I choose to share parts of myself to others but I don't have to. Therefore, if I'm being generous enough to give the gracious gift of self, I feel that the option for it to be private is simple respect and courtesy on the inquiring Asker's part.

    2. I want unfiltered, unscripted, completely honest answers without people who've seen me around here tweaking their response to fit their assumptions, speculations, and guesses about my personality and the way I may or may not respond.

    3. I'm not sure if the QA has the maturity level and capability to be humble to openly receive my message so sometimes, in a weird way, they feel better with an anonymous face on the other side of the post. Especially if they've seen me (or others) consistently express a certain viewpoint on a topic. They may be less open and vulnerable when they have seen me strongly oppose _____.

    • Very valid points. Thanks for honest answer

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    • Thanks for valuable inputs

    • You're welcome :)


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  • When I type anonymously, it is because I don't want to argue forever about controversial points with young men and women who have not learned to be civil. I understand the ages of people here so I understand the lack of both experience and knowledge but the rudeness and long drawn out meaningless arguing by people who are not interested in my point but in only their point of view, that I don't understand. If not posted anonymously, people message and I really want to just have peace from some of the more futile conversations. Some people even follow you and try to continue the argument onto other posts.
    Solution? Post anonymously

    • You do have a valid point, Sir? I respect your decision. It is worthless to see creeps messaging or adding me just for unknown reasons? I expect to have a conversation before being followed or even added as a friend here

  • There is anon registration and option to go anon - There is some trolling and others don't wished to be named while talking about personal things but a lot don't seem to want reveal themselves.

  • they have their reasons.

    • What might these be? If am not asking much, care to explain?

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    • If a person cannot be what he is in real life, being anonymous is like a mask - something like actors take on for a living. They enact roles different than their own. So, living a double identity here

    • that could very well be it, I think other people also want to remain anonymous because they like to ask a lot of "weird" questions and they don't want the chance of someone they know in real life to recognize them.

  • Coz they are afraid and rgey ask silly and dumb ques

    • True. More than 50% questions are stupid and idiotic - either these people get sadistic fun out of such queries? Or they are simply plain stupid. I guess one feature that is lacking on this website is to search for similar answers or queries posted earlier

    • Ahh yes :p

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