Missing dates on posts?

Am I the only one who cannot see dates on posts? I consider this strange for a forum... almost rude when queries as old as maybe 5 years are available for anyone who wants to answer them?

About the MHO thingy? Why can't I select more than one honest answers? I haven't posted many queries but I certainly wanted to select more than one replies as a honest and correct reply? Am I missing something here because am a blond?


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  • i think dates on posts disappear if da post's 3 months or older.
    and MHO means MOST helpful opinions... otherwise it'd b called "HO" if we were bout 2 choose more than 1 per time :)

    • ummmmmmmmm ok, but if you can scan one of my earlier queries? Two people - one old gentleman and a girl - both replied and both were most helpful - they were equally right in their opinion - both were relevant to my query. So... this is like dishonoring a person whose reply was equally apt

    • I might want to add that I will choose a voting system over MHO - simply because both public and the one who posts a query gets the right to vote. Not to mention another feature where someone with a similar query can also choose the same query as their own - there are several shy persons around who may not post otherwise

    • I'm afraid site would end up being messy if we could choose more than one helpful

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  • Posts older than 3 months do not have post dates on them.
    As for multiple MHOs; we are actually considering a similar feature; soon.
    Please keep sending your ideas. We love feedback and continously improve the platform.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  • I think the date disappears after 3 months and MHO - I am not too worried about them, I would say half of mine are automatic system awarded ones anyway people can upvote helpful opinions.

  • This is not your regular forum; not even sure if it *is* a forum. Maybe a new design.

  • No, you are not alone. It is the design.


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