Following and Private Profiles, can they mesh?

Most people don't know that if you have a private profile, accepting a friend request has no practical effect.
The person who requested follow still can't see your activity, can't PM you, can't access any information on your profile.

ONLY if the person you sent to follow request, then follows you BACK, does any of that happen.

With the rapid increase in private profiles, that means the follow function no longer works, in practice, in more and more cases. We are talking to strangers, and since it's difficult to advise or request help from people we know nothing about, the site is becoming a place to ask general, impersonal information, like Facebook, or banter with the few identifiable people you've come to know about selfies, ratings, or who is the best Gager..

And that last part is pretty silly since the big majority have become anonymous, or effectively anonymous with the private profiles.


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  • Omg dude I'm so with you. Please don't turn this into fb! I don't have fb for a reason. It sux and creates issues in people's lives. I think everyone's profile on here should be public. But that's my personal opinion. There have been an increasing number of creeps


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  • No gonna lie, I went to a private profile after quite a few unsolicited pervy messages.

    • You can block messages from anyone you aren't following wihout going private

    • But you realize random people send rather lewd messages that I have to read and then block, going private prevents the onslaught that occurs.

    • You can block everyone, EVERYONE, except those you are following! That takes care of the perv message problem without going private and cutting yourself off from everyone, in practice.

  • Not entirely true I can receive messages from members that I am not following

    • You aren't private profiled, then.

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    • Martyfellow do you realize even non private profile users can block messages from people they aren't following..

    • Yes, but a lot of people here do not know that! I often make that point to people who insist on going private profile.

  • It doesn't bother me.

    • Whether you're bothered or not, the result of all the private profiles and anonymous users is that the site is less and less suited to advice giving, and is becoming more of a Facebook type site, except less user friendly.

    • I'm not here to make friends... :P

    • You're not here to give advice, either, ... or you would be bothered by this situation.

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  • By following a private profile, you can STILL see their activity in the feed like "shared opinion on.." "commented on an opinion", send them PM and you can see their recent questions in "recommended questions" page.

  • I prefer to have my privacy to be honest I know there is a school of thought about gaining a lot of knowledge about the situation before giving advice, I give very general advice and if I feel a question going to a deeper level I will either google links or advise doctors or counsellors. I don't think we are trained enough or expert enough to deal with certain situations.

  • The system is admittedly impractical but it isn't as though they know what to do.

    • Yes, they're trying to react to trolls, but they're crippling the whole site thereby.