How do I cash in my Xper points and donate it to RAVEN?

I'm trying to figure out how to cash in my xper points and donate it to raven. I'm deactivating my account and I just don't want the little xper points I've earned to be wasted. Thanks.


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  • how many points do u have then?
    u can go to "my xper" section in yer profile... then click "redeem points"... and type to yer message how many points u wanna redeem, and for which reward

    • I only have 4000+ and I don't want to deactivate my account without making use of it. I tried doing that and it showed some options but I didn't see the "donate to raven" option that's why I asked. Thanks Klaatu 😊

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    • Oh God. Crap my typing. I meant I'll message you once this is done

    • ah ok :D

      wait... it takes a few days to get a reward or donate actually usually 2-3 days

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  • Don't deactivate just take a break you might come back

    • Thanks. I could always make a new account. 😊

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  • Send a message to gag about it - there are literally instructions for everything.

  • Hover your mouse on your profile name-----> click on the xper tab -----> click on redeem points ----> mention that you want to donate them to Raven.