Do you think half of these questions are common sense?

I seriously just go through aand read these stupid questions and I just don't understand how y'all can't even see the answer in yalls own descriptions. Have more complex questions or more interesting ones at least.

  • I disagree, you are just a douche
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  • I agree , these questions are ridiculous
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  • Common sense is useful, but it's rather arrogant to think that one would NEVER need advice from others for anything and just rely on common sense.

    Most people who ask seemingly simplistic questions on GaG are seeking people with a common experience and how they handled said experience, to get some insight.


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  • never had i seen such stupidity than the day i joined GaG. people ask the dumbest questions that just make me want to give up on life. one chick asked why guys are dating fat ugly women instead of "hot" women like her. some people are just here to rant. i think we should get some sort of filter or something

  • Yes I agree fully & now GAG has made it worse with the elimination of the age filtering.

  • I just had to explain to a guy the suns surface is hotter than 30 degrees so yes I agree with you


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