Why is there so many weird people on this site?

I just like to use this site to figure out things about women that I don't know. but a lot of you guys are weird


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  • Welcome to the real world bud. More often than not you will run into such things regardless of setting. Inevitably you will become keenly aware of signs people give out and it will be as if a sixth sense to weed them out.

    They have always existed everywhere but they are much more spotlighted now due to the world becoming so much smaller due to the internet. Just take them in stride, learn their tell signs/mannerisms, and never forget them because no matter what walk of life or path you take, you will always run into them.

    • Are you one of them?

    • @asker You tell me, you're the one who is asking people on the internet for their opinions on something that a grown man (which you are now) should be able to spot or be able to sense right away. It's actually a fairly important trait for men. Test yourself with people but do so based on reasoning and logic.

      I have nothing to hide so will, of course, tell you if you are correct or not.


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