Is there any point to asking questions about sex/dating on GAG?

Everyone on here seems to be a virgin Christian that deems sex to be evil and or just can't get any action in the real world, so I'm starting to see why so many people delete their accounts, they can't get any help on here.


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  • it just depends who takes the time to answer ur questions.
    i've got lots of good advice. and i TRY to give other good advice.


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  • What i find funny about questions about sex and virginity and dating and stuff, All the guys will be real blunt about it and put shit how it is and give you straight forward answers regardless of whether it hurts your feelings

    And all the girls will sugar coat the living fuck out of everything as to do nothing but to make you feel better and fill you with false hope xD.

    Not that girls are doing a bad thing, But id rather be given a brutal truth then a nice lie xD

    • Yeah, I've noticed girls do too much coddling instead of telling you what you need to hear.

    • Mhmm, One thing that pisses me off more then fucking anything is when they give you the whole ''looks dont matter personality is everything'' bulshit.
      Everyone with even half a brain knows that is complete horse shit. I apprecaite them trying to make people feel better, But fuck, that sentence just pisses me off xD.


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  • I always see tons of sex questions and good advice on here?

    • I never see any good feedback, it's usually "Ew, disgusting! I would never do that because I'm a respectable human being and I'm saving my virginity for the person I marry and I love Jesus so much *smooch* *smooch* Oh Jesusssss, take me nowwwww"

  • It's just something to do out of boredom

  • I'm not a virgin. Ama😀


What Guys Said 2

  • You're fucking joking, right?

    Like seriously, are you blind? Are you actually fucking blind? How have you not noticed the ABUNDANCE of sexual questions on this site, answered by people who are obviously horny and have no issue with any kind of sex.

  • Yeah you definitely get a mixd bag of responses.