What has the current highest MHO% on this site?

I've answered hundreds of questions and I'm embarassed to say my MHO% is only 1%. Who has the highest? Just curious.


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  • Technically, @GirlsaskGuys has about a 55% MHO rate last time I checked but that's the head moderator's account and pretty much everyone just picks him/her for MHO because they feel as if they should.

    From REGULAR users, I would have to guess @Wondahwoman.


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  • Some people on gag give really good answers but aren't selected for mho half of the time. The people that are , are very lucky.

    Mho percentage doesn't tell me how great of answers people give.
    I've seen those with high percentage give poor or mediocre advice half of the time.
    Whereas someone with a lower percentage gives amazing advice.

    Also, some people are chosen for mho for the simple fact that they are friends with the asker, sugarcoat their answer to suit what the asker wants to hear or are just plain humorous in their response.

    Someone having a high mho has nothing to do with the quality of their answers.
    I wish the system would be gone because in my opinion it shows no real accuracy in the level of advice you will receive.

    I would list people with high percentage but they've been listed already

    • "Someone having a high mho has nothing to do with the quality of their answers.
      I wish the system would be gone because in my opinion it shows no real accuracy in the level of advice you will receive."

      ^indeed... but now it's too late unless we restart opinion/MHO counter

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    • Some people have high percentages that don't deserve it. It's inaccurate to me

    • LOL indeed... actually Gurus/Masters have always higher percentages

  • I like to take in to consideration of their Xper level. A lot of people with lower Xper can achieve a higher MHO percentage, but it's tougher to maintain as their Xper gets higher. I thought I was the shit when I was at Xper 4 with 60+% MHO, but it's dropping now. Most of the ones @Klaatu51 and @YourFutureEx mentioned are Gurus and Masters who I think deserve the recognition. Not that the others do not, but I think the amount of time someone spends on the site answering means a lot more than a fly-by-night Xper 1 who happens to answer one question, picks up MHO and then sits at 100%.

    • It absolutely makes sense because a user can have MHO with his/her first opinion and then he/she can leave with 100% MHO. So, we should consider the ones who opined on at least 2000 questions.

      And I must say, you have astonishing MHO% :)

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    • @YourFutureEx Yes, this is what I meant in my last response ↑
      If I said something that people got more out of, helped someone (maybe not even the Asker), and had the upvotes, that will mean more to me than if I didn't actually get awarded the MH for sure.

    • @yourfutureex personally even if an asker's question's dumb accordin to me... i'd rather make him/her understand he/she's wrong without being blunt or harsh... i'd rather be nice and if he/she doesn't understand i'd just say "sorry but i can't help u anymore..."... so no hate from da asker ;)

  • @coolbreeze I see and a good friend as well.. I never even realized he had me beat with my 48%, we chat and laugh all the time on Here of GAG stuff.
    Good luck to everyone else who is getting too to the top. xx

    • @Paris13 lol I may be beating you percentage wise. But your beating me points wise. Lol But you have a good high percentage. I do enjoy chatting with you. Thanks for the shout out once again. Xoxoxoxoxo

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    • Thanks for noticing @Paris13

    • Oh, so welcome, @BearsAnswers, your Good name is getting to be a Good household word name in GAG town.:)) xxoo

  • MHO% doesn't matter to me at all. How much I respect a person has nothing to do with his/her MHO% :- )
    MHO% is a poor indicator of users' personalities and capabilities. So smile :- )

    • How much I respect and value* a person

    • GAG is not a classroom and you are not taking examinations. Plus your 1% MHO doesn't necessarily mean you are less wise than someone with a 90% MHO :- )

  • There's your answer on GAG news - on the right.

    • This is only true for ONE week at a time. For instance, right now, it's the top percentages from the week of July 25th to August 1st (today), NOT the current highest MHO percentage right now.

  • Certainly not me lol.

    However, a lot of the older users got most helpfuls added to their accounts with a change a while back so some of the super high percentages were given more than earned.

  • @BearAnswers has the highest MHO %
    And @Wondahwoman has the second highest MHO

  • It's found on Gag news

  • I have no idea.