Why do people ask their question and omit crucial info? Is it just me or is that really annoying?

It's like people expect you to guess what the issue is... or they are so vague in the text, that in order to answer anything one has to ask further questions first.

It really annoys me when there is a question and I answer in that context and then the person is like "oh no but this and this" I mean, hello! Info that changes the whole set up of the problem. What the hell? Am I supposed to take a fucking guess? I can't read your freaking mind you know! Or they get all pissy like you misunderstood my question... No, dumbass, how about you give all the friggin' info in the first place!!

Please somebody tell me I am not the only one that feels like this :-/ ...

(ahh it feels good to vent lol)


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  • yeah, you answer their question and they reply back to you "but, blablabla" and you're like fuck sakes bitch, why didn't you say that in the first place? now I'm pissed off and can't be bothered to help you. lol


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  • Feel free to vent - I know exactly what you mean - "My ex still has feelings for me" - You respond "Next time you talk..." and you get message back "Well actually we haven't talk since break up".

  • It happens, but I don't feel annoyed. I answer the question based on the information provided. If that doesn't render a helpful answer then the fault is not mine - I did my best.

    If they add more details in response, then I can just respond again. No biggie.

    Not everyone has an IQ above 50, such is life :D

  • they might have not been paying well attention while typing it up.

  • That's happened to me many times. But I don't get worked up about it and neither should you. Just makes you look like you care too much. It's just some dumb question from some dumbass.

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    • Fine, you told me what you think. Happy now

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