Can my MH at 14 percent get locked in by an Admin so it will no longer rise again? I keep getting so many MH and it never moves up to 15 percent?

Or more this has been going on for a long time now. I think someone is mad at me because I got my account frozen in May when I was in a thread posting on some peoples post about my MH score in a MH thread, so I wonder if a ADMIN is trying to teach me a lesson, Is this possible?


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  • If the number of MHO's and non-MHO'S on your profile is right, then 14% is the correct percentage.

    • Exact percentage: %14.435742257

    • Thanks for checking it seemed so strange in the past for a while is climbed fast and stopped at 14 percent and I saw everyone else's was climbing also in the spring of 2015 there was some changes to the site being made at that time as well

    • You're welcome.

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  • The more Xper points you've got the more difficult it is to increase or decrease your MH percentage. It's just a numbers thing.


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  • You can figure out the percentage yourself. For instance, my info is 18% Most Helpful 322 out of 1,793. You would divide 322 by 1,793. The answer is 0.1795872839. You move the decimal two places to the right and get 17.95... This is rounded to 18%.


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