People receiving MHO's?

DO you ever feel that the MHO is given to the person most flattering to the asker? Perhaps they ask an opinion of something and the Asker picks the MHO based off of which opinion they either like personally or that is in line with their own opinion. So basically you have to totally agree with the asker to get the MHO. Just musing...


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  • Most helpful answer is given for these reasons :

    A - The person who answers agrees with all of the question asker ' s details (This user pretty much confirms things that the asker wants to hear)--This person isn't necessarily the most helpful but the question asker refuses to take into account the great answers he/she has received because he/she only wants their opinions validated. This user has done so.

    B - Funniest answer (not helpful)

    C - A part of the popularity crew (These people pretty much only select their friends)

    D - Person gives it to the lowest mho percentage just to kind (to help give a boost)

    A most helpful answer is supposed to be someone who provides a clear , detailed explanation. The opinion doesn't necessarily have to be one you agree with , but it is informative and knowledgeable advice.

    People usually don't pick answers based on that criteria.
    I think "mho" should be renamed "MLa" (most liked answer) or "Qaf" (question asker favorite) since that seems to be the real reason for picking.
    Someone receiving mho usually has nothing to do with how helpful their answers were.
    So in that aspect I feel even high mho percentages are somehow flawed because not all answers are helpful.

    • Few are deserving of their high mho

    • MLA is a good one. There are of course exceptions but I like the list and agree.

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  • Of course there are people who give most helpful to the people that tell them what they want to hear. Then there are people who tell the asker what they want to hear in hopes they will get most helpful. I just quit caring. You'll never reach 50% or whatever. I just try to answer as honestly as I can.

    • Haha I dont care about the percent. I like to help but some of the questions are borderline ridiculous and I can't help but say it.

    • Same.

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  • I usually give it to the person with the funniest answer. Most of my questions are facetious, so it fits.

  • Yes and no. Yes, because I agree with you. And no because I think that sometimes the asker gives the MHO to the person who gives a complete answer, a answer with details and everything explained.

    • I think so as well. This wasn't really a blanket statement I just meant I think this is often the case especially in questions where the Asker says was I wrong to do this? The answer that makes them warm and fuzzy seems to get MHO.

    • That's true. I guess that in those cases they're looking for validation.

  • Sometimes the askers are biased other times they genuinely go for the most helpful. It's subjective I suppose.

  • I don't agree with this.. -offended face-
    Now give me mho :P

  • well the asker IS the one who gets to choose lol

    • Yes but maybe it shouldn't be the MHO if all that is needed is some flattery :S

  • Totally agree with you.. Some people also just give it to the people who are the hottest, like they'll have any chance with getting with them ;)

    • Haha my profile isn't even of a person sooo... that is a really stupid reason. Probably silly hopeful girls and perverted guys. Thanks for your opinion though!

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    • Haha know I am anon anyways :P but its a silly reason. I hardly ever even look at peoples profiles :S

    • Same here haha, but some people do it!

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