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Most Helpful Girl

  • I just Answered something similar to this, @Frank_Woods, however I do Not mind Answering your Question at hand.
    I rather Like this New idea. Sometimes, whenever I Personally have asked a Question out of the blue, I find it Hard to just Pick One and have thought to Myself: "Why can't I be able to Pick two?"
    This is one bright spot on GAG which I feel they were using their heads with. Some people like it, others do not feel it's fair to have Jack and Jill but I find that Both going Hand in hand, kind of gives GAG Town a bit of Pizzazz, and whenever getting MHO Now, I do not Mind... Sharing the limelight.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank for the opinion. I just wish that the 2 MHO's weren't restricted to one guy and one girl. It would be better if you could just choose a first MHO and a second place MHO. But honestly, I liked the way it was with one MHO.

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    • :)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much, the Vote of Confidence, @Frank_Woods, and so Honored as well, to Share in the Spotlight with @I_am_repulsive as well.:)) xxoo

Most Helpful Guy

  • I prefer when it was just one MHO tbh


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