Will I receive auto-selected MHOs from old questions where “most helpful guy” hasn’t been selected yet?

I mean since u could choose only a gal or a guy before…. if a most helpful guy hasn’t been chosen yet, will it happen now?

i mean from very old questions like a bunch of months old


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  • No, the system will not auto-select MHO for the second gender on old questions. However, users can go back to their old questions and select a MH for a girl or a guy. They will still get 1 point for selecting it and the opinion owner selected will get 5 points, as always.

    • To clarify, in the future, both genders will be auto-selected if one is not chosen after 30 days. My response here is strictly referring to old questions from before this update.

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    • @paris13 i remember of course... and thanks again

    • lol... Okay, and most welcome...@Klaatu51 :)) xxoo

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  • I'm so grateful to have seen your question. I was wondering the same thing, and feeling pretty silly for saying thank you to people.

    • damn i really wish to increase my MHO percentage... it's still low thanks to those short, unhelpful, sarcastic answers i used to give before :(

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    • Well, looks like the both of us better step that up and get out of the average catergory.

    • category*

  • It happened to me over night with 3 questions, so yes.


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