Do you think GAGers should be allowed to report their own post (Opinions, questions, comments, exct...) ?

Reporting your own post...
Do you think GAGers should be allowed to report their own post(Opinions, questions, comments, exct...) ?

  • Yes we should be able to report our own post
    19% (3)25% (3)21% (6)Vote
  • No we shouldn't, should be up to others to report our post
    12% (2)42% (5)25% (7)Vote
  • I don't care right now, I'm too busy LMAO at the thought of someone reporting their own post.
    69% (11)33% (4)54% (15)Vote
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What Girls Said 2

  • Why for what reason?

    • I have no clue, but apparently where able to report our own post.

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    • We have been able to report our post for months.

    • Shows how often I have been around. GAG should have a place where updates are posted so we know whats happening here.

  • there is no reason to.


What Guys Said 2

  • there r times when we feel ashamed about sth we posted indeed

    but... i beleve editin's better. if u feel ashamed about yer post, sure u can type sth like "&%$%^" to make up for wot u did.

    i'd not say report since reportable posts r only those dat they tend to violate GAG rules... not those we feel ashamed of

  • Nope then we would lose points at our own hands lol