No opinions on my questions?

How do I get people to answer my questions on GAG? I keep asking questions that I need help with and dont get any opinions.


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  • Some tips to make your question stand out more...
    1.) Put a clear title in it. The question itself is the first thing people will see. Ask what you need, don't make it too long, and make sure it makes absolute sense.

    2.) The description. Write a clear but succinct description. If you max out the character limit, no one will want to read it. If you have bad grammar, people won't be able to read it. If you put harsh things like namecalling, people won't read it or will give very negative opinions of you.
    Personally, I always found it better to organize your questions well too. Add a clean line of space in between each paragraph. Also, re read your question (aloud if possible) before you post it. This will give you a chance to fix any mistakes you made when typing it.

    3.) Wait. GAGers may not answer everything right away, but we'll get to it eventually.

    4.) If you have the points, feature the question. Featured questions almost always get quite a bit of answers.

    5.) If you need more one on one help for a serious question, ask someone you would trust on here to give advice via a message. They may or may not say yes to you asking for help, but that is alright. You can ask anyway.


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  • It takes time some of us are answering other questions and we'll soon stumble across one of your questions and will answer it. Be patient :)

  • 1. Catchy title
    2. Keep description as short as possible and don't make it too complicated

  • feature your question.


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  • The time that you ask the question, has a big factor on when it get answered.

    On weekedays, usually late afternoon is a good time, avoid late night and early in the morning.

    On weekends, mornings are best.