Dont u think MyTakes should have an option to be reported too?

Dont u think they should have an option like that too, particularly if offensive?

i am usually a peaceful person, but come on! I have my limits 😒


I actually think that the MyTake in question has already been removes by GAG

Thank God 😄


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  • Users can report regular myTakes by clicking the grey flag icon (same as questions). The only myTakes users cannot report are promoted myTakes since they have already been approved by admins, which is why they were promoted. Regular myTakes have a grey lightbulb while promoted myTakes have a blue/pink lightbulb.

    • Thank you for the information and for taking the time to answer my question :)

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  • I think you can report it, there's a flag button in the not promoted takes. The ones that are promoted, guess you have to contact the admins regarding it.

    • In the one I saw, I didn't notice the button. But mayb that was me.

      However as soon as I asked this question I noticed the MyTale had already been removed.

      GAG worked fast. And it made sense too. It was quite offensive and made me think we were returning to the era of Nazi Germany.

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    • Thank you (=

    • You're welcome sweetie :)


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  • To be honest never knew a take could not be reported - As far as I know all takes by non editors are viewed before being featured and in theory editorships are only given to those trusted - I agree it is a dangerous process but I don't think admin has resources to check every take.

  • Which MyTake are you referring to?

    I believe, that the reason they
    doesn't have the flag button.

    I because they name is literal
    "MyTake" a persons take on something.

    It's not a fact statement
    simply a person's opinion. ^.^

    • I guess u are right

      Although imagine that they post an opinion merely to antagonize people nd not really to offer any helpful perspective on a subject...

      (i admit that this MyTake might have hit a bit close to home).

      It basically spoke of how races shouldn't mix in order to preserve the pureness of the European white people.

      I made sure to ask the GAGer if this was really what he meant. I might have misunderstood him.

      But no he really defended that we should preserve our land our genetic patrimony and never ever were to mix or Europeans might reach extinction...

      Well I admit it was the 1st MyTake I saw that I thought it was so narrow minded and backwards thinking.

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    • In that case I can totally see why you're
      doubting the lack of a flag button.

      I can see you already tagged the GaG user
      but if you have site suggestions, you should
      probably be contacting them directly. ^.^

      I'm not gonna lie, I laughed a little at
      your explaination of his MyTake
      but also remember, it's just his take
      on the subject.

    • So true Aizou. I should be more Zen.


  • Well, I've never realized it was not possible to report a MyTake... I guess every post could potentially be offensive, nonsense, gramatically unreadable...
    And reading the explanation from the admin team I now realize this in indeed in the moderation manual.
    Though I must admit that apart from an occasional opinion I've rarely moderated MyTakes.

  • Honestly, i don't see how anyone can report a MyTake this was mentioned by another user that there should be a easier way to report ones that could fall in the category of violation or possible arguments on the Opinions, Comments etc.

  • I'm shocked that MyTakes can't be reported! That sounds like a glitch or an oversight error! :-P

  • I thought editors checked a my take before letting you post or something


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  • Some takes I have seen can pretty offensive so yeah.

  • Yes if it's an inappropriate MyTake :P

  • I didn't even know this wasn't already a feature on it. But yeah, it definitely should be

  • Agreed with this one!