What's something you do that's embarrassing but also GAG related?

Mine is I take screenshots of my promoted myTakes that get featured on the front page. I went anonymous because I feel like a dork by doing this. :)


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  • My question I asked about embarussing poop at school

    • Heh heh, props to your boldness.

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    • Yep!! Totally happened too me and they said Marisa is that you? XD

    • Lol, such is life. :D


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  • I type quick and hit submit without thinking. most of the time its not a fucking problem but some moments I should slow the fuck down, like Bender when he's looting XD

    • Lol, it happens to the best of us.

  • Mine is funny - In Ireland the expression for under the counter work is cash in hand work. A 15 year old wanted to work to raise pocket money for something and I told her to she could get cash for under the counter work except I used phrase "she could get cash in hand (j**bs)" - It got removed and a tut tut from some users - Unfortunately I never made the connection and asked why it had been removed only when I saw text in message back did I realise what was wrong.

  • The fact I have 4tb of gifs I have made/collected for GaG use :/

    • Heh heh, I wouldn't be surprised if that becomes me one day. I go around collecting meme's from facebook and here. :P

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  • Nothing. I'm not embarrassed about anything I do on here whether that's cursing someone out or uplifting someone that's on hard times.

    • I do that stuff also when I'm not anonymous. I meant things other users wouldn't be aware of. Some users have admitted to collecting other members profile pics.

    • Lol. No. I can't think of anything. I'm sure I've said some embarrassing stories on here while still revealing who I am. But thanks for giving me an idea.

    • Lol, your welcome.

  • Good idea x)
    Didn't think of that, but didn't write a MyTake yet

    • Lol, thanks! Soon there will be another.