Could GAG make it so that the "opinion submitted" bar doesn't go in front of the notification bell?

Every time you submit an opinion and are taken back to the main page, more often than not you notice a number in front of the bell. You would like to hover over it just to see on which question or take it was but the "opinion submitted" thing is in front and you have to wait an agonizing couple of seconds for it to pass. This is madness.
Could GAG make it so that the


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  • I agree, its just so mind-numbingly counter intuitive to have that bar block most of the tabs that navigate you around the site.

    If they moved the GAG logo to the left and used the space between said logo and the "Feed" tab, they could easily have the bar show there, out of the way of the other tabs.


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  • If you click on that "opinion submitted" bar, it should go away. You don't have to wait for it to disappear on it's own.

    • But I'm wasting my strength by clicking it. I'd rather it go away faster. Or at least cover every thing up to the magnifying glass.

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    • Interesting, I use a Mac laptop but it doesn't cover the bell for me.

    • Maybe it's dependent upon the monitor pixels OR the OS.
      I use Windows 7 PC on 1600 X 900 monitor and it covers the bell.

  • many things are annoying.. but we are still here..


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