Where can I find a myTake draft I saved?

One- two days ago I was writing a myTake, then I pressed 'save draft'. Now I want to keep writing but I can't find where the draft is saved.

I tried pressing the share button but it doesn't automatically direct me to previous myTake. I'm sure I saved it though


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  • If you had clicked on the "Save Draft" button, it should be pre-loaded when you click on "share myTake". If it's not there, and the text boxes for title and details is empty, it was not saved as draft.
    You can also check your profile/myTakes page. If you have a draft saved, it will be listed there with a "Draft-" text at the beginning of its title. You can click on it and continue writing-publishing.

    • It's neither in 'share' nor in myTakes page. I don't get it. Does it matter for how long it sits unpublished, or if I press to edit ithe saved draft and accidentally not save it for a second time?

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    • tech team says there was no saved myTake in your profile... issue could be an instantaneous problem with your connection which prevented saving your myTake... Please let us know if you encounter this problem again... Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • ok. thanks!

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  • Good question. I wasn't aware you could save a draft. Nothing in the FAQ's?


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