Why do questions about female circumcision get banned?

They don't get banned on other websites, like YA:
"If female circumcision helps prevent adultery why do people oppose it?"

Yet when I tried to ask a similar question here it got an instant deletion and a warning that another one like it would get me banned.

I'm starting to think the moderators of this website are racist and hate other cultures.


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  • Because women are to be treated like children, apparently! That's the new 'equality'.


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  • yeah... it's not like you were asking a question while being in favor of an horrific mutilation that is forbidden in most countries and considered an atrocity to most people.

    • You call it "horrific mutilation", others call it circumcision and proud tradition. You fail to realize your opinions are ethnocentric.

    • You do realize that female circumcision prevent women from having any type of pleasure reducing them to having sex fore pure reproduction? It's barbaric to prevent a woman from having any type of sexual pleasure. It's traumatic for them.

  • I'm just going to replicate one of answers from the link


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  • Female and male circumcision are not the same. A male has millions of nerves severed when the foreskin is cut, but at least the glands remains. In female circumcision they are actually removing the glands of the clitoris. This is equivalent to chopping the head of your dick off!
    So, lets play a game of role reversal. If you had the head of your dick chopped off against your will or otherwise, would it prevent you from being an adulterer? Would it make you more attractive to a potential wife? Would you be happy? If you think yes, then chop your dick's head off right now, and your wife will know that you're not not likely to commit adultery! Such a catch you will be!
    Considering just how much more attractive a guy with a head-less penis is, I'm surprised not more women are encouraging doctors to perform a complete glandsectomy on the penises of baby boys. Get it done before they can say no!
    While you're at it, why not ask your dentist to remove all your teeth? This is the surest way to prevent you from getting tooth decay. You will save so much money not needing to go to the dentist ever again! It's a win-win, surprising that it isn't more popular.
    On a more serious note, mutilating a female's genitals and depriving them of ever being able to enjoy sex in an attempt to prevent adultery is very twisted logic. It is brutal, ineffective, and rightly banned in most countries. Continuing to promote female genital mutilation in this day and age clearly shows that you obviously don't treat her flesh with the same sanctity as your own, so you have much bigger relationship issues that would drive a woman away. Don't be so naive into thinking that your relationship breakdowns are as simple as because of her lust for another person. Have you tried being a decent man who a woman would want to be with?

  • The mods and admins are Nazis here. I fee strongly against any circumcision especially male circumcision as I believe a child should have his penis butchered and mutilated.

  • lol, if you don't see what's wrong with female circumcision you are seriously blind.

    • Some people see it as wrong, some people don't. That doesn't mean we can't debate it.

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    • What a joke 'they won't miss out much'? HAHAHAHAHA Seriously, I can't argue with someone like you. And i have been circumcised in a 3rd world country, I have no problems with it whatsoever. But yeah, maybe that's just me. I'm out, no use arguing.

    • "And i have been circumcised in a 3rd world country, I have no problems with it whatsoever." Circumcised women say the exact same thing. Why do you ignore them while expecting yourself to be heard when you say the same thing?

  • Personally, I'd flag the question for being antagonistic if you copied it here, mostly because of the part that says, "... uncircumcised women are sluts and nobody respects them so men are more likely to rape them." Or the moderator thought your premise, that it's the woman's fault that a man committed rape, is offensive to victims of sexual assault. It might not be blocked on other websites like Yahoo Answers because they might only be worried with more serious posts, like bullying or threats, and it's a much larger scale so it's harder for a moderator to see it. Also, this question would probably be removed because you're supposed to direct this particular type of question directly to GAG (http://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/girlsaskguys), but I'll leave that up to the next moderator so you have time to see this comment.

  • That's not the case. Questions about arranged marriage are fine.

  • I feel you man, same thing happens when I try to talk about the benefits of cannibalism. Some people just can't accept the scientific fact that eating people is not only good for you, it's good for society.

  • It may not have been about female circumcision in particular, It could have been removed due to the context in the post, how information was presented, if it offends the masses or is antagonistic to a large identifiable group, ergo girls.

  • Maannnn, GAG won't let me ask about questions that are cruel and oppressive towards women, THIS IS BULLSHIT!

    • Why do you see it as cruel and oppressive? That's so ethnocentric!

    • Okay, I get it you're trolling, haha, so funny...

    • No I'm not trolling, and I'm sick of people dismissing others who don't conform to their ethnocentric views as "trolls".