Wow, xper points changed and does GAG even give your xper points for your birthday anymore?

Considering that noone ever calls me or texts me on my birthday, which is today, by the way, I thought I'd log into GAG and see that message that goes "Happy Birthday, we've added 100 xper points to your account" but it looks like, GAG is not doing that anymore, on top of that, just found out a 20 dollar gift card is now 7000 instead of 4000 points, and which means I'm still 8 months away from being able to earn a 20 dollar gift card, I thought I had a lot of points but turns out that the xper points on your dashboard are actually total accumulated points, even the ones you redeemed


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  • You can view all of the xper point changes in the FAQ here:

    And yes, we do still give xper points for birthdays. You should have received a message letting you know that 25 points were added to your account for your birthday :)


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  • Happy birthday I believe you get 25 Xper on your birthday and your GaG birthday as well.


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  • well happy happy birthday.. :) and i think you will get 25 points because of your b'day. just wait for the message.


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