Is Reddit better? What do you think?

I have seen remarkably irresponsible (and dumb) people as moderators here. Even more my opinions which have no offensive words get deleted, while I've seen some moderators being complete jerks and using all kinds of words without any repercussions... Also some people complain that their accounts got deleted when they tried to avail amazon card... I think I'm done here, does these kind of things happen on reddit too?


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  • Hahaha... some of the moderators here are laugheable when they take off things that shouldn't be taken down and allow a lot of racist questions about whhites and blacks to stay on.

    • I know right... not to forget many of them are remarkably dumb and I think they still wet their beds when they wake up in the morning :D

    • Reddit has an older age group presence while GAG has gone teenagery here. It wasn't like that before.

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  • Yeah, reddit is a lot better. You're basically forced to partake in "reddiquette" and the moderators on there are cool. Oh, and more interesting topics.
    GaG is like the inadequate son. Trying so hard.

    • it is clearly failing, some moderators are genuine but many of them are just plain losers with no life of their own, it's like they spend their entire life on this site...


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  • Somewhat but some of the redditors seriously gives the most nonsense advice.

    But there are some that gives great advice.

    So before taking in anything, know if it is right or wrong.

    • The redditors seem much more experienced and smart also, i have found them and their opinions to be much more interesting than GaGers honestly... I'm fed up with this site but I talk to some people from here so that is why I'm still here

    • Yeah, I know. When I need a serious answer, I go on reddit.

      I was talking about the relationship subreddit.

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  • Reddit is much better. I agree with you,

    • I talk to some people from here so I'm still here but I think I should just give them my KiK Id and leave for good to join reddit

  • I don't know Reddit to be honest but while it is not perfect I have a lot of time for GaG.

  • For somethings it is but others things its not