Do you somewhat feel obsessed by questions on love and sex as oppose to all the other topics?

When I see the questions come up on the live feed, The only ones I want to talk on or reply to , answer the poll or give a deeper more explained point of view are those topics ( Love, Sex, relationships) . Not that those have been things I have been obsessed about , but missing in my life.

Are you drawn to specific topics and is it because its lacking in your life.


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  • It depends on how I am feeling that particular time or day. I would like to think that I answer questions on a variety of different topics, but I know on some days I am drawn to the sexual questions more so than others, simply because I may be feeling horny. I know I am not the only one there!


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  • I am fairly across the board in what I answer - I haven't noticed only sticking to certain types.


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