Why does GAG allow so many Racist, Sexist and Anti-white ignorant race baiting questions?


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  • I think the baiting questions work both ways - A clever baiter will word it so it doesn't break any GaG rules - While intention is obvious it can't be removed.


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  • Lemme guess... you're from the west coast of the US - probably CA or WA. The people in that area of America all seem to be over the top on political correctness.

    Look... there are people on this site from other countries besides the USA. Their command of English may not be the way Americans talk. Get over it. A TON of what people call racist today is anything BUT (blame our stupid media due to the White House occupant). Look up the word in the dictionary.

    As for sexist statements that usually reflects the immaturity of the asker, their ignorance (they just don't know any better), or their purposeful intent on getting a response.

    Finally, I thought this was called an "Opinion". It's time for a lot of people on here to grow up and realize that's just what it is. You can either agree, disagree, or be indifferent. But whatever you read, THAT is just ONE person's opinion - whether you like it or not.

  • Liberal, want to be fair to everyone type of attitude towards things.

  • I don't think they're bait, GaG has a surprisingly large ethnic presence on it. Black girls in particular.

  • They should allow those questions. Ever heard of free speech?

    • Ever hear of hate speach?

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    • don't patronize me.

    • @kiler1000 Good comeback. I'll remember that one.

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