Do you get along with the mods here do u dislike any of them?

im fairly new to this site and im curious about the mods here are the mods fair with their power here or is there an obvious bias? are all the mods liked or are some of them disliked or hated? i have heard stuff here so im curious about the mods and their conduct here on gag.


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  • Honestly, there are some mods who'll deliberately stalk you every day to find post/s to hide just because they're holding grudge. Basically, they're normal users like you but they have a good history of reports and that's why they've been selected but humans have feelings so, they might abuse their power. I've been on this site for a quarter less than a year and I've seen some pathetic mods.

    But as long as you'll post safely, they can't do anything because whatever they'll hide will be sent to the admins and then they'll decide if that post/s should be taken down or not.

    There are ~70 mods so, there are so many different personalities. You don't have to pay special attention towards them. Generally, they all are nice and that's why they've been selected. But people change sometimes and so their behaviour depending upon their real life problems, your popularity & success here (yes, users get jealous. Duh), their intentions, your intentions, looks, your behaviour your quality, and your connections etc.

    Don't worry, take it easy, be chill and post good things. I've made a lot of good mod friends. I've made mod enemies too. This is life, fella.
    For corruption, you don't need to worry that much. Admins have the authority.

    I'm a mod and on behalf of the mod team, I wish you will have a very good time here. Cheers! 🍻


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  • You can look up what the different types of moderators and what they can do here

    Moderators are just regular users like you. There are ~70 different personalities and so there ~70 different chances to get along or not get along. The only real constant is you. If you choose to get along with people, I'm sure you'll have lots of friends including mods. If you choose not to get along, then you'll probably have less friends.

  • They're watching everybody 😜

  • The only mod I remember talking to is Klaatu and he is really nice!

  • I don't even know who they are.


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