Gagers: do you have a nickname for anyone here on GAG or has anyone given you a nickname?

Just curious I know some GAGers have nicknames on here some don't I personally don't have one but I could try to come up with one for me lol

I will also give MHO to anyone who can come up with a good nickname for me lol


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  • i've gotten nicknamed and hashtagged lol :)

    bananas- the most common.
    JB [mainly used by @yourfutureex and @whitesteve ]
    Justine Bananahammock. [created by yours truly :P]
    #bananasforAnna [courtesy of @charismatic110]
    bananaface- a user that left awhile ago. anyone remember sluggopoopoface?
    Anna banana
    lioness [only @handsomeraj uses that lol]

    ok i think that's it.

    • Yes ~j. B. :)

      You forgot the obsolete one? Mentee! 😂

      And hey, it's not lioness. It's little lioness 😜

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    • They're Actually trying to sing "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys but they only know Banana and minionese lol.

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